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  • haha those kids don't realize that high school is pretty much the time when they will be most ABLE to find time to practice. College gets worse, and after that's it's pretty much a rarity. if only they knew this piece of information... they'd want to practice a lot more and be more well read haha
    Cool! Sounds like your doing well! I don't have a myspace anymore, just a facebook haha! That sounds awesome about doing magic full-time! I hope you have fun with it! Portland does sound like a nice change in scenery and a great place to live! Good luck to you there and I hope everything turns out great for you :) Ya I kinda am a card man haha! Nothing much but cards really! I have dangerous by D+M and the gamblers cop really is a great move. Like you said it is a bit gutsy at first but once you get used to it you can make your audience see the impossible! Bad Influence is a great effect as well. LIT sounds awesome! I was thinking of picking it up at first but I never did. Woould you recommend it? And does it run out of matches or require refills on the gimmick? Like do you have to buy more of the matchbooks? Anyways... True Astonishments looks great but I didn't buy it because it is way too expensive for me right now! I am pretty much using my chrismas money on AndThenSome by Dan and Dave, a lot of cards(I have quite a collection going!), and I just bought Avenue by Dorian Rhodell! So that is pretty much all of my christmas money! Are you planning on getting AndThenSome (it is DnD's follow up disc to the Trilogy but Im sure you already know that!)? I don't know what to think of Avenue???? It looks good but it also looks like a simple ego change! However they say it isn't and that it is Pughe's Pass. Who knows! haha Do you flourish much? I do, but not nearly as much a magic! I can do a slow Jackson Five and some pretty fast molecule cuts. But nothing much better than that level of speed haha! So about True Astonishments... Can you buy individual discs? If so, which one do you think has the most cardwork on it? Thanks a lot Mr. La Vore and it was great talking to you!

    - Matt =)
    Hey, Matt!

    How are you? Sounds like you're doing well. That's cool you get to spend so much time playing tennis now. I'm living in Boynton Beach right now but I think this is going to be my last year in Florida. My girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Portland so I can pursue magic full-time and get a change of scenery. Nice videos, man. Very smooth. You've gotten really good. Lately I've been working on using the cop in real performances. It's my favorite move to play with right now. It feels a bit gutsy at first, but once you get used to doing it in front of a real audience you can do miracles with it. Daniel Madison uses it in an effect called Bad Influence that I'm just in love with right now. I also just started performing Lit by Dan Hauss and Dan White. This little effect gets insane reactions. Much bigger an impact than I could have imagined. Departure Ring Flight is the other piece I'm playing with. So practical, and so strong. I'm trying not to put too much on my plate at the moment so that it's cleared when True Astonishments comes out. I love Paul Harris's work. Sounds like you're quite the card man--those aren't easy sleights you're working with.

    Happy to hear from you, Matt. Write anytime. If you're on myspace my url is

    Mat La Vore
    Mr. La Vore! How are you!? I don't know if you still remember me, but you taught me in Ms. St. Martin's class in 6th grade at Benjamin! I am Matthew Kelly :) Anyways hows it going! I can see your still working on the magic..... me too haha! I've actually gotten much better :) I'm sure you have too..... but hey check out my videos! What have you been working on lately? I was working on the clipshift but now I have it down perfectly! So happy! I am now working on my cascade control. My cherry control looks pretty good too :) Where do you live now? Didn't you say that you went out of the country? I can't remember though..... I left benjamin after 7th grade and now I am homeschooled so that I can play tennis pretty much all day haha! I train at an academy in south carolina. Anyways here is the link to my youtube profile and maybe you saw my Repro Retro video on Theory11 I dunno though! I am so happy I ran into you here! I just was thinking about you the other day so I find this kinda funny! I hope I can see some performances from you! Thanks Mr. La Vore

    - matthew kelly
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