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    How do you begin?

    Thanks to all for the replies and I'm sorry I didn't get back to the thread. Had I known I'd log a few days in hospital I'd have delayed my posting. :) You've all given me a lot to think about and digest and I thank you for that.
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Blake Vogt

    1. Do you think any tricks are used by too many people in magic? 2. What's the first trick you learned that really surprised people? 3. If you could play on any stage anywhere in the world, where would it be?
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    How do you begin?

    There's really only one aspect of magic I've struggled with. Yes, the sleights are a work-in-progress and likely always will be, but what's really hanging me up is the first ten seconds. Not of the trick, but of the entire experience. What sort of "intro" lines do you guys commonly use? I've...
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    Do you need to perform magic or know magic tricks to be a magician?

    One thing I like about magic is that really, the difference between absolute beginner and highest-possible-level is skill. If somebody wants to call themselves a magician and they really aren't, it's really no foul. It's not like law enforcement where you either have the authority or you don't...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions For 2017

    Congratulations David.
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    Just Started Out

    First, welcome to the world of magic. That feeling, you'll defeat it easiest by picking a few tricks you know you can do and do well. Practice them until you can do them in your sleep without any flashes, and then practice more. By doing tricks that are simple and that you have a lot of...
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    Penn Jillette condemns David Blaine... What do you think?

    Good points but I'm torn on it. People have been drinking kerosene and water, regurgitating the kerosene to make fire and then water to put it out, catching bullets, eating glass, eating fire, swallowing needles, and a lot of other really stupid stunts for decades but still people are surprised...
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    Penn Jillette condemns David Blaine... What do you think?

    Yup, but he also reports to be weak and a little sick after his levitation too so I'm not sure if it's legitimate or acting skill... A slightly lighter or heavier powder charge inside the round and you've just shot him in the face. An eighth of a grain of powder difference and it's Game Over...
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    Penn Jillette condemns David Blaine... What do you think?

    The problem is that Penn has performed "dangerous" tricks that, if done by somebody emulating the show, would go badly wrong. You fire an ungimmicked nailgun through your hand because you forgot the sequence, you're going to the hospital and you're probably going to lose some function in that...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions For 2017

    2016 taught me to think like a magician. When a lay person sees a piece of cloth on a shelf, they see it as a possible tablecloth or perhaps some drapes. Thanks to the last year, I see that simple piece of cloth as being included in my work. If it's light enough and the pattern could hide...
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    Holiday Wheel

    It's my first year being around for the wheel and truly... not that exited if it comes next year, not that heartbroken if it doesn't. 475 points and nothing tangible. The prizes on offer were nice but it'd be nice to have won at least one lousy pack of bee-backed cheapies. Instead I got one free...
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    Penn Jillette condemns David Blaine... What do you think?

    Sorry for the novel but I have much to say. I'm a fan of both. I didn't get into magic thanks to David, as a matter of fact, my interest in magic came from watching a little guy who was short (like me) who didn't talk much (unlike me). His name is Teller, you may have heard of him. Does really...
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    What are your opener effects?

    I do a routine using a couple $2 Canadian coins and a magnet. Very visual, very magical, gets people to go "okay, maybe this guy's got some skill". I always default to where I'm comfortable in card work, but that one little coin effect gets people to really give my stuff a chance. In all truth...
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    How original is original?

    This isn't exactly a marketplace question as it's not about a trick I'm intending to sell. Still, I'm curious about a few points of interest in originality. There's a trick I've been working on for a while, a blend of "mind-reading" and card work. It's not a trick I've seen in any card books...
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