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    dear andrei if there is gen Vol 3, please put the L cuts tutorial in it plus that move where u...

    dear andrei if there is gen Vol 3, please put the L cuts tutorial in it plus that move where u spin a card on the wall with ur thumb
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    Good Decks for Cardistry

    don't use the bikes tht you find t the store, unless they are the 808 decks( the ones with the back design on the back of the box) 808's last longer and are more durable but the decks on t11 are the best, might i recommend the monarchs and artisans, and if you can get ur hands on em, the rebels
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    cardistry takes time, no doubt, it took me 2 weeks to learn charlier. a couple tips i would say is get use to the deck in your hands, keep your hands warm, and each deck is made differently, so see which decks are go for what. i would say if your a 2 handed cut guy then the aladdin decks are...
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    Should I start cardistry?

    you should do cardistry, but most of the people on t11 dont think you can do anything with that in the long run in your life ( meaning cardistry can be difficult to make into a carrer)
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    Thumb propulsion help

    what you want to do is wet your lips a little bit but not to much then dry them of a tad bit then dont make the card come to you, you have to reach for the card
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    thats exactly how i feel
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    i don't 100 % know or not but it seems like the wheel is fake or its rigged because i just spun it again five minutes ago and it landed on the same thing for the fourth time in a row
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    i got the same thing 3 times in a row and was so mad because i almost had the 10000 elite pionts
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    foundations of flourishing

    the wire and the magic tricks section are good places. but i remember looking at jason englands bio at theory11 and he says to stay away from youtube. Now you can certainly go to youtube if you want to learn flourishing because i wasn't exactly sure if jason was applying that statement to...
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    Beginner Cardistry Question - Deck Types

    try to use the bicycle's that come in the 808 box. that means that the back design is on the back of the box. i found out that the newer ones are not so good quality. the ones that don't have the back design on the back also alot of these theory11 decks are good
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    Is Cardistry recognizable?

    once again you are not a flourisher you don't have any good advice, and you are the one that want to start stuff. i have tried many times to get the topic back on track. but since you wana try to be a badass and giving bad advice, you have ruined this thread for everybody. I WILL CONTINUE...
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    Is Cardistry recognizable?

    we were talking about CARDISTRY !!!!!! is steerpike as good or as knowledgeable in cardistry as andrei. NO we are not talking about magic, so stop bringing it up and focus on the topic. DO ANY OF YOU "CARD FLOURISHERS" HAVE COOL WAYS TO PROMOTE CARDISTRY
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    Is Cardistry recognizable?

    i already said i don't want to hear advise from steerpike, i want to hear advise from andrei. why? because he made it, and steerpike didn't make it. if steerpike did flourishing then i would listen to him. its like bill gates giving advise to donald trump about real estate. it dosen't work...
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    Is Cardistry recognizable?

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    Is Cardistry recognizable?

    he was not andrei was the only one giving me the advise that was both positive and encouraging steerpike was within the limits, andrei was going beyond the limits where did he outline the path and how would he know. he's not a flourisher
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