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    Feedback on Oil & Water

    Hey, I hate 90% of Oil & Water routines though I'm kinda open minded, shot a quick vid just to see how this one looks. Patter improvised. Feedback would be awesome.
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    Hardest card trick...

    not difficult, just needs a different kind of performing (technique & presentation ). While difficulty is subjective, I totally agree with the Guy Hollingworth trick mentioned above.
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    Name of a change?

    No. You can't, and don't publish it. Its been done before and frankly I think its the kind of thing many people came up with before even reading it up from the source. I don't mean to discourge you though, keep on thinking, but don't create stuff just so you can publish and get your name out...
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    Name of a change?

    I've been doing it for quite awhile, its originally done as the card is falling on a tabled mess of cards ( for the clean up ) and even that has variations on how to make the card fall. I just used it on the deck instead of the table ( which,granted, is very obvious, something everyone who...
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    5 Speed

    You can always ditch the selection and use a card with other meaning ( like simply a red five, like other versions of the plot, like the original ).
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    Any Bio Info about Micheal Maxwell?

    He's the guy behind A-1 MagicalMedia production company. There are lots of good/classic DVDs that his company produced ( e.g, David Roth, Darwin Ortiz and Lennart Green ). He also publishes and write books about other magicians including the Classic Magic of Larry Jennings No idea about the...
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    How many do you possess?

    I see you're not cured of your Elmsley addiction yet :p ....
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    How many do you possess?

    You're a lucky man ... :mad: While not a big fan of pscyhology books, thanks for the suggestions foolzsight, I find them interesting. Currently, beside magic and college, I'm heavily into Steven Hawking's books, the illustrated versions are fantastic (Brief History of Time being my...
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    How many do you possess?

    60ish, none-magic included. Magic takes about 25-30
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    Q - Concept

    I have a strong beef with the word "Perfect". There is a difference between asking for perfection and striving for it. Asking is meaningless, since it implies you're waiting for an answer. Striving means work, indulgence, dedication to something that is achievable. Do I think perfection is...
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    Lee Asher's BS Control

    Its explained in one of his booklets. I never thought it can look good until I saw the video.
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    New Website!

    I wouldn't call them jerks, I would call them people with common sense. Vernon's students are known, and the indirect ones show a certain level of dedication to him and with even that, dont consider themselves being taught by Vernon, Marlo or whatever the case may be. I agree with Ineski...
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    Eliminating bad habits

    So true, Simon Lovell is quoted saying Learn the move the wrong way, practice it, and you'll become an expert in doing it the wrong way. Re-reading a description of a sleight after couple of days/hours of practice can be very rewarding.
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    Weapons of the Card-Shark

    I'm pretty sure its made by Expert Magic, not Magic Makers :confused: The DVD is generally below average. He's good at false dealing but the teaching is normal ( same issue with all moves ). The stacking demonstrations are particularly bad, he does the shuffles well but he looks on the deck...
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    You have to get an education, period. If you're interested in becoming a professional magician, a degree in marketing would help, especially if you want to go to the Cooperate market (since trade show magicians are basically marketing executives ) Theater would definitely help though not a...
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