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    The Summer Is Upon Us! What are YOUR Plans/Goals?

    Unfortunately not a whole lot of magic is in my summer, I may do a few restaurant gigs if I can pick them up but mostly I plan on working out and getting ready for basic training, and practicing my new thing I recently have started practicing MMA. It's probably even better than magic in a sense...
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    Classes of '09

    Well, graduated high school today and soon to go off in the navy. So here is to anybody else graduating this year. '09
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    Win Some Magic Here

    I LOVE MAGIC. Appreciate the courtesy
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    I have no knowledge but your best bet would be the For Dummies series in electronics or something similar. Other than that just scower books a million. Best of Luck.
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    Trespassing NEW

    I will throw a little comment out here, I recieved the method behind mirage from KP a while back and while it is very clever it is a bit angle sensitive but it's one of those that is great in the right moments for one to three people.
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    Are These Good Ideas for Routines?

    You did the same thing I was doing a few months back and was trying to fill the void of different types of effects like celluar magic and reverses etc. It fails because there are so many presentations and preferences that people have and you need to relate to. Quick example, I do mentalism...
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    Your Personal Gem

    Definitely a tie between two effects, 4.4.1 with the Nestorizer is the best transpo I know of that is pratical. The second one is my variation of blueprint with the Electric Touch, bit more powerful but the circumstances are a little more difficult to get a good presentation in. I have a...
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    Ellusionist vs T11 Produced DVDs

    Quality goes to T11 because they have great production value in nearly every single thing they do, including their 1 on 1's. It would be great if they showed a few more live performances, however it is up to the magician to try out different presentations and see what works best for them...
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    Nestorizer by Nestor Hato Effects Review

    This is just one gimmick that you can easily take in and out without people really noticing anything fishy. It's almost completely insivible even when you spread out the cards in a fan, table spread or lespaul. It can do alot and I would still reccomend it with the same love as the Advocate.
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    Should you get BeLieve?

    I was comparing your like of Believe to other effects that are similar. I never said you were but you said that ripping the card is fine if you want to see the reactions. From what I have witnessed is that it is great and a good price if you put the time in it but if you have two seconds of...
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    Should you get BeLieve?

    Well, I believe there are many better effects that require you to destroy cards and never thought the perfect opener would require you to actually destroy cards in the beginning. Believe isn't bad but I don't mind destorying cards but only if the payoff is equal or better and there are...
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    NPH on Jimmy Fallon

    That was definitely awesome. It's funny how Neil P**n Handler (Harold and Kumar) did a better job at magic presentation than a large majority of magicians. He made it funny, entertaining and made it such a killer effect.
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    Teenage Boys, The Hardest Audience?

    I almost always start off with Blueprint by Chris Kenner. In my experiences this blows everybody away because of a few factors, makes you look like an amateur, they think they succeded in messing you up, and has such a good kicker ending that it will usually shut them up for the rest of the...
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    Nestorizer by Nestor Hato Effects Review

    Nestorizer by Nestor Hato Price around $40 First Impressions 3/10 I was highly unimpressed when I looked at it and thought I had wasted my money. I was thinking back to other reviews and people I had talked to about it and they had all loved it so I thought I would give it a shot...
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    Why do you want to see magic?

    Hard to really see it through a laymen's POV when it was so long ago, perhaps it was from the excitement that I saw others enjoy and I wanted it to. A sense of jealousy or envy that was always there, why should only they get to enjoy it. Putting that answer out there has my mind racing right...
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