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  • Lol...Lucky you!

    Well, you are a talented and creative magician and member here, you derserve it.

    Hey, what's with the cool name? lol

    {dg} poet laureate...sounds pretty cool

    No problem, I read your name and I was like, "No way...haha, Micheal won!."

    Congratulations and you derserve it, I enjoy your videos and magic.

    Congratulations on winnning the "Oliver Meech Contest"!


    Would love to talk to you about some mentalism and magic.

    You're a very talented magician and I delighted to talk to you.
    I was wondering if you perform mentalism?

    The reason asking is because I would love to work on some sort of impromptu impression device or mentalism routine.

    Care to work together?
    -I was wondering if you have a performance of Dee's Cinders T&R card effect.
    -I'm very interested in this effect, but want to see the visual and impromptu aspect.
    -Peace and Thanks in advance
    -Just though I drop by and say how are things going and working on anything new lately.
    well, i learn everything in my room =P no lol ok well from books/dvds/my own mind.
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