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  • I'm contacting here to give YOU an update...check out my 'Album' on my 'Profile'.

    Inferno Kaiser
    Very interesting indeed...Let's hope that STUCK get's some more spotlight.

    Inferno | Kaiser
    I'm doing good myself...still on that path I told you months ago, but magic is still in my soul, but right now I am working on a new effect that is better than my previous ones.

    Inferno | Kaiser
    I very well indeed enjoyed the look of STUCK.

    V./ Inferno | Kaiser
    Yup, I have a lot of new projects...they are very good.

    raw is coming along very slowly.

    Can't wait to chat again some time!


    I would never ignore you.

    I've been very busy lately and I'm on vacation...so I don't always have access to the internet all the time...Hope you understand.

    Cool...thanks for the support and interest.

    Can't wait for Simplicity!
    Yeah, I've recieved over 23 PMs regarding Pinned and/or Isolated in the last 24 hours...lol

    It's been getting A LOT of HYPE!

    Pinned had 2 versions of the book, but I decided to only release the updated version.

    Also, I wish that a company picks up the 2 projects.

    Yeah, can't wait for your effect, saw your signature, but you removed it...lol...why?

    Also, RAW is on it's way!

    I'm here to help...what product from Dee and Daniel did you have in mind?
    Cool and nice ideas of using the application from Pixel and creating/adapting a new effect.
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