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  • Aw man that sucks...lol.

    Cool...can't wait to hear how the show goes...be sure to tell me.

    Also, Yup...still working on my tnr, Pinned + a few others as well, just about to purchase Pixel and Torn and Restored Project by Daniel Madison and Advocates
    Cool...I don't know yet...I'm still working on Pinned, so when I make the e-book, I'll add your handling as well.
    Cool...can't wait.

    I'm also updating my tnr and putting it together in my e-book

    Also, cool...Pinned will be in the e-book very soon, and thanks for performing my effect and getting great reactions.
    Just saw the preview and it's crazy visual.

    I really want to pick this up soon and at $8, it looks great.

    May I ask a few questions about it, once you viewed it, as I might purchase this.
    Cool...what are you planning on Saturday?

    Also, the other reason why I'm taking a break is because you never know when you might think of some better way to improve it or some new ideas.
    It's coming along great.

    But I'm taking a break from working on it, as I may included other T&R or ideas.
    lol...Same here, those decks are so SEXY, I hope I can at least pick up 3 at sometime.

    Cool, can't wait for the finished e-book.
    Oh, I see...lol

    Seems like it sucks having to be on the internet through a phone.

    I remember doing that with the iPhone, it sucked, a lot...lol
    That sucks.

    So you now have a computer and real internet now?
    Here's the link to download the SaveAsPdf: Click Here

    What you do is just write out your e-book in Microsoft Word and click the SaveAsPdf button and it creates the pdf for you.

    Yes, those Stingers are so mouth watering, I can't stop staring at those cards, I WANT THEM!...lol
    Ok, these cards are so sexy and beautiful

    I cannot stop staring at those cards, I'm going to have to pick up at least 3 sometime.

    I'm creating my pdf in MicroDoc and converting it to a pdf.

    My favorite of the bonus was Sucker.

    Also, the special item for the Infinity Bend, has two sides, one for old coins and the other side for new coins.

    Me too, nothing that cool or "amazing"

    Thanks and you too.
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