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  • Sounds cool...can't wait to hear version 2 some time ;).

    Thanks for the advice, yeah, I'm hoping to put some "clue" in the cover page to suggest that it's some sort of t&r.

    What's up...right now my Yahoo I.M. isn't working for some reason, let's just chat here.

    So what about my cover and your effect...can't wait to hear?
    It's a tough call both are really good but I say kris allen let's see if I'm right tonight
    Sure, go ahead.

    I'm glad that you're enjoying my effect, I'll see if I can film my original handling of "Pinned."

    Cool idea, many ideas can be used for this effect to suit your style.
    Yeah, I agree, this will make stuff easier.

    Yeah, these are the pins I was refering to, and use in my handling.

    Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy the effect.
    Same here, a new original plot to the CTW, where the selection is signed as well.

    Now let's think of some ideas for this.
    Sounds good.

    Or maybe making a shooting star appear to grant an audience member a wish.

    What have you come up with?
    Here are some ideas I have: How about a 360 levitation or maybe revealing a card on the

    moon...have you gotten any ideas.
    I remember seeing his site about a 1 and a half ago, at that time most of the effects weren't purchasable.

    Great effects, but from what I've heard his effects are very impractical and time consuming to construct.

    I agree annoying patter, he also had an odd demo for his product where he was preaching about religion.
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