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  • Will do so.

    I'll start thinking and putting ideas down as well.
    That be a great idea.

    I've been wanting to create magic, that many think isn't possible.

    As for your effect, sounds great
    Sounds amazing...Never heard of an idea like this before, but you should still do some research just in case.

    I like the sound of that effect.
    Sound great, glad to hear that you're working on the handling to make it feel more natural.

    As for the secret project, I love TK.
    Sounds good.

    CardClip and I are working on a T&R ourselves, and I wish you the best in your gig and projects.
    Hey sounds cool
    My .pdf will probably take a while to construt as most of the effects are under construction
    As well as I want to make music my career, I always don't have time for magic as much as I used to
    You can reach me at: zodiac_magic@yahoo.com
    When ever I get my .pdf done I'll let you know.
    And it's ok if you want to perform any of my ideas
    And it would be great to hear your thoughts as well
    Thank you very much.
    I want to include my ideas and new plots to:
    Card through Window
    Torn and Restored
    Card Stab
    Impromptu Impression Device
    Coin/Key Bends and a few more
    Hope goes well in your effects

    +Do you want to collaborate
    I'm doing good.
    Just working on some magic effects myself.
    I'm hoping to present them in an e-book of some sort.
    Great to hear that your effects are coming along nicely.
    What's up, just thought I drop by
    So how are things going in magic.
    Also, thanks for taking time to read and comment on my reviews, really means alot.
    -I'll be sure to do that.
    -I'll also be glad to chat again some time.
    -Best wishes
    -Thanks for the explaination
    -In my opinion it's not that confusing.
    -I can see the whole effect in my head and I see that it's very visual yet has a kicker ending.
    -A great idea would be a video.
    -I'll work on it and I'll keep in touch with you.
    So far I can see the image in my mind of the steps so far, but as always it's harder to describe it in words.
    Sorry for the delay, having connection problems.
    Sounds cool and I'll work on it.
    I'll also be glad to help you out or contribute any tips or ideas if you would like that.
    -Sounds cool
    -Same here, respect everyone in the magic world and community, because they always deliver or bring something new here and there.
    -Sure I'll keep in on the down low, I respect you and your tricks.
    -You can count on me.
    -I'm not going to rip it off, since you created the concept and the idea.
    -Sounds great though.
    -Sounds cool.
    -I've been working on a few tricks myself, but haven't really got the time to work on them.
    -So who are your influences in magic?
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