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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • -Same here, love street magic, but I'm working on stage magic for awhile so I know a basic idea of this rewarding magic.
    -Your T&R idea sounds very cool and original, I would love to perform this idea if that's ok with you (I'm not stealing your idea, just stating that that ending would be a killer).
    -I do a little of everything, but LOVE mentalism.
    -That's cool.
    -I've been trying to work on a T&R myself, brainstormed a few ideas, but haven't really worked on it.
    -So what type of magic do you perform?
    -Doing good, just putting together a mentalism routine.
    -How about you?
    hi, I am from racine, I do mostly cards and flourishing. I am on aim : ajaniuk. IF you wanna add me.
    well with charity stuff I recommend the invisible deck, pressure, and also check out David Stones Real Secrets to Magic. For childrens magic idk really i dont do that stuff just dont do card tricks
    im going for spring break, i was born there and im a big redsox fan so Im going up there for opening week. Im also on the hunt for jerry's/golden nuggets. No luck so far
    another thing i really like is chicks. There is something about boobs that I like that I just cant put my hand on. Oh wait yes I can......
    its visual in a way were you can have there card face up and with a flick made it appear in your pocket. Also the control doesnt have a name yet
    nice man sounds cool, ive been working on a new visual card to pocket and a new control thats super fair and you can control it to the top or bottom
    Well i call this effect "Cascade", 1st the ace of spades is found an put onto the table, a card is then selected and signed. You take there signed selection (say it was 6 of diamonds) an lose it within the deck. Next u tell them you r going to cascade ( or dribble) the cards an to take that ace of spades, keeping it face up an stick it into the cascade cards. When done u spread thru the cards, find the ace of it face up on the table, sayin that where the ace was ur card was underneath, there card isnt, u look agitated an they think u messed up...BUT u spread the deck an tell them to find there card, its NOT there. For the kicker they turn over the ace an there signed card is on the back of the ace!
    i bought the download and dvd combo, I think it is awesome. I was going to do it for my school today but I got sick
    Im from around DC, and I try to perform almost every kind of magic. But I don't do coin, silk, and sponge balls really. I do cards, mentalism, close-up, street, stage, other object magic, and a lot more. U?
    haha you dont seem weird to me. but if u wanna talk magic

    my aim sn is italianbabie389

    or my email is

    or u can pm me
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