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    How I look after 9 months of Cardistry

    Junior year kicked in, so my activity on here abated, but I'm glad that there's always something being discussed that I can jump back into. I made this video as a sort of "progress report" after learning some cardistry for 9 months (I hail from card magic so I had a rudimentary foundation)...
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    Jamming in TOKYO JAPAN

    Awesome moves and editing man!
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    Your 'go-to' deck

    Ha! Somebody make this their signature. I second the tally ho circle backs. Made the switch from bikes this month and they're perfect.
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    Scissors Cut

    Hey guys, I just got my scissor cut down this past month (finally!) and thought I never could because of hand size. Here's some troubleshooting tips that may help (they sure helped me): 1. Grip those cards as far away from your thumb as possible. In other words, when in your elevated straddle...
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    L Cuts - Love em, hate em, learn em, date em?

    Gasp. Thought I'd just talk about what I'm learning at the moment, L cuts, because all the cool kids are doing it and I'm cliched. Right, so what's your opinion on the L cut? In other words, do you find them necessary, useful to learn, or not? Plus, if you've learned them, how was the...
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    How Did You Get Started?

    Magic. 'Nuff said. I think it's cool to see some of these other stories that led someone straight into cardistry, though; this still seems rare to me, and it will probably become less and less rare as time goes on!
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    Smoke and Mirrors v.2 playing cards | REVIEW x CARDISTRY

    Great review! I love seeing those earlier versions in action.
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    Eyes Closed

    I will definitely try this when I feel bogged down. Interesting stuff!
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    JULY: What will you be working on?

    I'll have to check into Rinzler, I've seen about it elsewhere. Honestly I find it difficult sometimes to see what's current in cardistry. I check back at the forums when I can and I dabble around in the wire, but it's hard to keep up in my opinion. Maybe that's a topic for a new thread.
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    JULY: What will you be working on?

    Gonna put a second on JPillard's recommendation. I took Genesis v1 for granted back when it came out, but now that I am taking cardistry more seriously it has a place of honor on my bookshelf. Thumb cut, scissor cut, and more are taught with the problem of hand size in mind from the get-go. He...
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    JULY: What will you be working on?

    Keep working on that Flicker Brett! I hope you'll learn to love it ;) As for me I'm getting some foundational stuff learned. This past month I finally got my mechanics hand to do a revolution cut and Jikh's bullet card twirl. This month I'm working on Kenner's 5 faces of sybil (which is pretty...
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    The BEST Deck

    Bicycles are great for practicing in my opinion. I love the look of tally's for performance.
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    FLICKER: is it essential for beginners

    Brett, you've gotten a lot of help and response here, so I'll just chime in that I DO think Flicker is a great beginner move, but I feel your pain in the realm of troubleshooting. I had this sort of issue with Andre Jikh's bullet while other people said it was easy to get the knack for it, and I...
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    How do YOU store your collection?

    I imagine that an interest that rises out of cardistry for many is card collection. I don't earn much in the realm of cash, and what I do get usually goes toward my college tuition, so it's a rare and exciting experience for me to collect a special new deck of cards. As such, I really prize...
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    ~cardistry in Georgia~

    I'm in Lilburn, but don't have much in the realm of expertise. Just wanted to holler back to you fellow GA cardists!
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