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Jan 10, 2014 at 4:11 AM
Oct 17, 2007
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Jun 10, 1994 (Age: 26)
Aussie NSW

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mini magician

26, from Aussie NSW

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Jan 10, 2014
    1. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      tom we need to skype some time its been a while
    2. Donald C.
      Donald C.
      Webcam obtained go to skype
    3. Donald C.
      Donald C.
      I can't man I forgot my webcam at my dads' house, and its' no fun if I don't have a webcam.
      Soon I will get it though
    4. Jv
      Doing good myself...You?

      Don't have alot of free time now, but maybe we can Skype sometime.

    5. Donald C.
      Donald C.
      Yeah how long do you have?
      Yo whats up my friend I think I'll try and make a date for a big jam session this week sometime I'll get back with you.
    7. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Oh ****. I guess I'll have to get it in tomorrow. Is that the final possible date?
    8. Chr!s
      Sup dude. Spoke to Brian, they're finishing up DROP as we speak. Talking about ideas for teasers :)
      I mentioned FOG but he didn't mention it back, so I'd recommend emailing him.

      PeacePeace :)

    9. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Sweet, lemme know if anything pops up :)
    10. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Fair enough :D I guess I'll do it ASAP
    11. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Man that's a giant routine. I wrote down how to do it in my notes. The whole damn thing. Did he say why to do it ASAP?
    12. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Have you done the registration yet? I'll do it in a coupla days
    13. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Yeah man. You coming? Should rock
    14. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      well ive been away for the last 3 weeks so thats why you havent heard from me. Ive been visiting family all around. Any ways whats up with you
    15. Chr!s
      I spoke to Bri the other day, he just wanted to know when I'm sending some more stuff for playground. Didn't mention drop, but apparently Michael Paul performed it at his recent stint at the magic castle :)

      Suggestions for a sesh? Do a self working trick that you've dressed up loads- nothing better than fooling magicians with the simplest thing in the world :)

      I'll send you FB over tomorrow mornming bruv, no worries. And yeah, send your control over and I'l ltake a gander, see what I can do for ya! :)

    16. Chr!s
      Yeah, I heard from them, DROP is filmed and prepped for release, I believe. Just waiting on a date. Buzzing for the release like! Did you see FreezerBurn's on DevilsAdvocate now? Went on the other day :D

      Yeah, that sounds good, A good old E-session! send me your ideas in an email and I'll take a look at them :) I have a few things to shoot your way anyway :)
      You do any mentalism? More specifically, you do any coin bends? I have a few coin bends I could send your way for review?

      I did use your effect! I did your exact handling, then switched the card out for a blank-facer at the end and 'blanked out' the card with a wave. Went down a treat :)

    17. Chr!s
      Hey dude! Sorry I've not been in touch, I've been crrrraaaaazyy busy lately, both magically and non-magically :D
      Getting back into the swing now though :)

      How are you?? You any further forward with your first release?? You know I like it!

    18. MagicLemonBird
      How's it going for you?
    19. Jv
      Cool and glad you enjoyed them and thanks for the kind words!
    20. Jv
      Man, great reviews and I'm glad you like playing with the ideas.
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    Jun 10, 1994 (Age: 26)
    Aussie NSW
    im nice i like to perform card tricks for my friends and other illusions

    i play guitar, magic tricks and illusions and stuff like that


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    ˙sɯɹoɟ ʎuɐɯ uı sǝɯoɔ uoıʇdǝɔǝp

    “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

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