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    Zots Sydney Australia

    Taylors Magic Shop is now an online store, they still have most of their stock if not more now that they are exclusively online, but they are still a great place to look.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Putting It All Together

    My first time entering one of these things!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red: Ten Of Clubs White: 2 of Spades Blue: 5 of Hearts Red: Ace of Hearts White: 8 Of Diamonds Blue: Jack of Clubs
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    I actually have a video of myself doing the Twinkling Change, it's not exactly "Practical" in a way but damn its cool :) Tom
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    Ernest Earick's Claptrap

    Also when your clapping try make the heels of your hands meet first so the air is propelled out the front of your hands rather then all of the shop.
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    Fuzion By Blake Vogt

    Infact no it isn't :P Tom
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    Fuzion By Blake Vogt

    Fuzion By Blake Vogt Price?: $10 Where At: What They Say: Blake Vogt is magic's newest sensation. He is exploded onto the scene, and now works as a magic consultant to David Copperfield. We are proud to...
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    Advertise your YouTube channel There's My Funky Channel :P Bam!
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    Fuzion and Ambitious Switch?

    Howdy guys! I was wondering if anyone had had the chance to look over either of these two effects, well downloads? Blake Vogt, Blake loves his TNR's...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us! Hope This Fools Ya! Fogging Up a card :P Tom
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    Sandwiches By Tony Chang

    Hey Folksleys heres a fun collab project between Vanishing Inc Magic and The Blue Crown and the end result was great! Lets have a look! Sandwiches By Tony Change Price: $10 Where At? Since its a Collab Project you can find it at both sites...
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    Cullology - Harapan Ong

    Being Completely Honest, I would still go learn the Cull from the Roadrunner Cull, Although Harapan does a great job its still only brief where as the Roadrunner dvd is all about the cull, BUT the two extra techniques taught here are amazing when applyed to your cull, even if you have just...
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    Cullology - Harapan Ong

    Hey folks! I'm a huge fan of the Cull and techniques and tricks that go along with it and i must say there are some really really cool things on this download!! On to the review. Cullology By Harapan Ong Price?$10 Where...
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    What kind of palm do you use the most in the real world ?

    My most used "Technique" to get into classic palm would have to be the One handed top palm along with a sidesteal, But as everyone has said it usually depends on the situation and the kind of people you are performing for. Palming is great fun when no one realises your doing it! Tom
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    Roundtable Discussion - Calen Morelli + Blake Vogt

    Calen: Since the start of your 365 Days Of Magic Project. Who have you meet that really helped changed the whole dynamics of the project? From being "lets make a new trick everyday" To what it has become now? Tom
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