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    how to find a Joker trick - what do you think?

    First, awesome skill, I can only dream about this kind of card handling. I think it looks beautiful. But this is also the problem (in my humble opinion) with mixing Cardistry and magic, I am not at all surprised in the outcome, my only thought is, “man this guys hands is fast” and that kind of...
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    Cellphone inside ball of yarn?

    One method that comes to mind is from Mark Wilssons Complete course in magic. He has a method for “a coin in a ball of wool“ (page 209-212). With some creative thinking I believe that the method should work to give the same effect. I have no idea if it is the method used though since he...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Variety Box!

    Good luck everyone!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Gold Artisan Card Lotto!

    Card 1: Three of clubs Card 2 : Ace of Spades Card 1: King of Hearts Card 2 : Queen of Diamonds
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    Practicing psychokinetic touches

    I my self won’t use the scripted routine since i actually think the story he suggest is a bit to “ghostly”. I do believe in the method though after seeing a few performers use it. Peter Boie use both Banachecks method and a gimmick method in one performance I have seen and it seems to work...
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    Practicing psychokinetic touches

    Thanks! I really like som mentalist effects and I fell in love with Banacheks method for this when I saw Peter Boie do this effect on fool us. I figured that were the case, I guess my chair puppet and my phones camera needs to work a bit more then To find a smooth handling, and then just take...
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    Practicing psychokinetic touches

    I am trying out the psychokinetic touches by Banacheck, and without going in on the method I am finding it hard to practice the effect. If you are familiar in how it works, you will probably understand what I mean since the method is so direct. I don’t like showing tricks before I feel...
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    Card college or the Tarbell volumes

    This is great, I prefer books, but now I am leaning towards to start with card college and pick up the Tarbell in the future. Thank you!
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    Card college or the Tarbell volumes

    Awesome answer sir! It didn’t make it easier but I at least got a good feeling for what I choose between.
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    Card college or the Tarbell volumes

    My birthday is coming up and I am thinking of expanding my magic library but I have a hard time to decide if I want to go for the Tarbell volumes or card college. Is the Tarbell as good as it seems or will I have more fun with card college? I do mostly card tricks but am monkeying around with...
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    Six Card Repeat

    In Mark Wilsons “complete course in magic” there is a description of “six bill repeat” that works the same principle.
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    cups and balls madness

    Ian Swiss have a nice masterclass in the subject, and of you really want to look at a legend check out Dai Vernons performance of cups and balls. Ian Swiss claims that all modern routines is build on Vernons routine. Penn and Teller have a funny routine that they speak of in their masterclass...
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    How to avoid curios questions using unexminable props?

    This is so true, and @MohanaMisra s points are also really god. When I look back at the trick I can actually can identify the exact moment when I had to much focus on the wallet in this case. I need to work on my act when using gimmicks, which I only do in a few tricks and therefore are a bit...
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    How to avoid curios questions using unexminable props?

    I did a small trick using a himber wallet a while back and the person that I did it for asked to see the wallet. I could of course not show her it and just tried to avoid focus from the wallet and got out of the situation by just move along, but the spectator was still suspicious. Next time I...
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    How do you store your Magic supplies?

    I noticed that magic fast add upp with deck of cards, coins, handkerchiefs, gimmicks and so on so I needed something to have all the stuff in. So I asked my wife, who is an artist and illustrator to draw me something “magically” for the lid of my box. I copied a deck of cards for the box and...
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