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    ChatRoulette Magic Tricks 2

    That was a lot of fun man. Great use of Chatroulette aside from exposing yourself. Mitch
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    Television Pilot

    Got a teaser trailer up! Yay. Mitch
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    theory11.bulletin - New Designer Apparel Released

    That Bee tee looks fantastic. Wish I wasn't a broke student. Mitch
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    Dan Sperry on America's Got Talent

    I can't say that I was all too impressed with the performance. The trick just wasn't up to par with some of the other things we've seen on the show. Remember Kevin James (it was him right?) who performed the incredible sawing in half? Now that would have been insane in Dan's hands! As far as...
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    Television Pilot

    We also shot the opening scene of the second episode... If you all have any questions, feel free to ask! :) Mitch
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    Camera Tricks Are OK!

    I see the case for both sides and am still on the fence about it. If you think about it, a camera is simply another gimmick, but it wont aid in your performances in the real world. Instead of complaining about it, do what YOU want to do and don't look back. Mitch
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    Television Pilot

    Thanks for the advice! This pilot, if ever sold (longshot), will probably never make it to TV. It would need to be reshot, recast, and probably rewritten. So I'm not incredibly worried about the performance rights as of yet. In the pilot, one of the main characters, Alex, goes on the hunt for a...
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    Television Pilot

    Well as of now, we're still in post production. We're swamped with editing. But a trailer may come sometime soon and stills and photos will most definitely come! Mitch
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    Television Pilot

    Hey everyone! This passed weekend I just wrapped production on an independent television pilot tentatively titled "52 Card Pick Up". I've been away from magic for a while, but that doesn't mean I don't love it. I've had an idea for a sitcom in my head for years and months ago I finally decided...
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    I was in Victoria and watched a lot of buskers perform. I am no expert but this is what I noticed. What I noticed is the busker's confidence no matter what the situation. If you are performing in a busy area... people will stop and watch! But will they stay? You want these people to be...
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    Late 1-on-1 This Week?

    Because the missed release of a 1on1 will affect your life drastically. Mitch
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 : the movie

    Blahhh. I had absolutely no time to enter this... :( Good luck to everyone else, there are some hilarious ones in here!
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    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    Hey guys, I have been a member here since the beginning. Maybe what I'm about to say is due to the fact that I've been used to what the site was like before, but I'm still going to say it. Aside from the new releases (which look great), I find the site looks horrid. Theory11 has lost all of its...
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