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    What are your favorite historical magic stories?

    Not sure if this qualifies as historical, but Dai Vernon's teaching Richard Turner really fascinates me which y'all are probably familiar with. Supposedly, as he could only describe moves verbally to Turner, he'd provide descriptions that were more or less impossible for anyone else to do...
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    Ideas for changing an object into a card in someone else's hand?

    Here's the thing-doesn't this sound too good to be true? I personaly would never try something of this exact sort. Would work with stuff like sponge balls but cards? Nope. The only way you can actually do what you're looking for would be if the "object" in question is something similar enough...
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    Difficult Moves

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    The above repy was posted by mistake. About your backpalm: looks great if that's what it always looks like! You seem to have the technique down well. But you don't need to shake your hand so vigorously after the vanish. Make a coupe of regular swings and then make the last a larger one, large...
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    Difficult Moves

    Thanks! I'd heard of that book too but forgot about it. I guess I'll get that for now, as I believe the material is not easy and not too difficult either.
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    Difficult Moves

    Forte's book is and will probably be the landmark on gambling sleights for a very long time (maybe Jason England can rival that if he writes one), but my interest in such moves far exceeds my ability for now. Certainly an excellent recommendation, but WAY over budget and sold out for now. I'll...
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    Difficult Moves

    Hi, it's been a long time since I posted a thread. I want a book filled with difficult sleights, not necessarily practical. I'm pretty much a move monkey, but the only source I have for such stuff is online. Since I've not handled much "knuckle-busting " stuff till now, I don't know what to...
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    What are some good verbal forces other than just elimination?

    Pesonally, I'm not a big fan of equivoque. I never use verbal forces, they are physical as in they require a deck but they are psychological and can be called "think-card". Everything I use is from Dani Daortiz. I have Reloaded by him. He has some phenomenal psychological techniques on the 3rd...
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    Javi Benitez

    I myself don't know the exact method, but he does some extremely neat colour changes, the type of which you'll come across at one time or another. The rest is simple enough to figure out, but mentioning it kind of gives away the whole effect if that's how he did it. I don't think I mentioned any...
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    Dealing seconds....

    Everyone will be able to help you better if you post a video showing your problem.I can't fully understand what you mean, perhaps because I have never encountered the same problem, but I think this is an issue with your grip. For false deals, it's very important that you pick a grip that feels...
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    I can't be the only one who does this.

    Sometimes, the names help the patter. It helps to add something to the very trick, eg. At the end, you remind the audience of what you had called the trick or what you had said about it at first, when you show a kicker ending, which makes the effect stronger (3 card Monte). Sometimes it paves...
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    How's this Done?

    Well, seems too clean otherwise. With the way he said "change", I thought he was trying to force clubs. Thank you.
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    How's this Done?

    I'm sure all of you know Kostya Kimlat. He probably has the best underspread cull ever and he did blow all of us away with his mind blowing juggling act the second time in Fool Us. This is one of his videos. I've been going through Daortiz lately, so I was checking out some mental forcing and...
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    Magic Books

    If, by advanced, you mean challenging, and by that I mean true knuckle busting stuff, check out Earnest Earick's books. For less challenging card magic, but great effects, Drawing Room Deceptions is the way to go. If you're looking for a complete course in card magic, but with a lot of focus on...
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