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    bikes in india

    ...Bikes are 10$? Really? Amazon lists them as 5$...and I thought you could get them for a buck if you knew where to look. I am sorry, but you really have to pay that if you want them. There are alternate dealers but all of their websites look very shady (you can check them out though). I...
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    No Stupid Questions

    "Professional magicians" are just magicians who earn a living through magic. As far as I'm aware, magic performances, writings or recordings can be protected by copyright, and a method must be new, have utility, be inventive and not have prior use to be patented (which very few methods truly...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Avengers Assemble!

    (Here's my entry, adjusted for viewing on a smartphone with saturated purples. Please consider the previous post regardless as I had to add a lot of grain to counter the saturation here. Not exactly how I intended my edits to look like, but hey...)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Avengers Assemble!

    This is Erebus. She has the ability to meld into darkness, create shadows, even stop light itself, harness the power of dark energy, travel invisibly using shadows and vanish anything she comes in contact with at will, by making it a shadow. Erebus uses a knife as the weapon of her choice...
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    Sleights that elude you.

    This is an interesting topic on its own, regardless, there was this story told by Ben Earl on Discourse in Magic podcasts, where he mentions attending a magic lecture, and in the audience, there were two people in the back of the room watching the magician giving the lecture, who seemed to be...
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    Cardistry in Times of Trouble

    Frankly, it's the concrete idea that I will and I am making progress. There's this image which basically sums up why I not only never give up, but I'm often even scared to give up:- From the little first hand experience working on sleights, flourishes and technical stuff in general, it's not...
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    Sleights that elude you.

    True. I'm trying. I'd have thought the same if my non-magician friend (who isn't even used to seeing a lot of magic) wouldn't have said "Wow, it's so cool how he hid the card in his hand". While that sounds like a compliment, I don't think it really is.
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    Sleights that elude you.

    I have tried Royal Road, ECT, techniques from Revolutionary Card Technique, Vernon's ideas for doing the move and read several hundred (no hyperbole) threads on palming problems, tips, techniques and covers all over the internet. I have tried Gambler's Cop too, in a video Daniel Madison put out...
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    Sleights that elude you.

    I've been able to do lots of things, from false deals to muscle passes, but a good card palm always eludes me. I must admit though, that's definitely for the lack of (consistent) trying.
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    What Editing Software does Fontaine Cards use in their cardistry Videos?

    I'm not sure what editing software Fontaine uses exactly (I'm guessing it's one of Premiere, Resolve or Final Cut Pro), but editing software itself contributes little to the overall style of the video (or at least, it shouldn't). It's the style of the director of the video that you like, not the...
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    Meeting in the Middle!

    Honestly, I think even the process of asking for help and taking in all the answers, then figuring out which answer works for you (because especially in cardistry and sleight of hand, what works for you may not work for me) is putting a lot of effort into things. What I tend to do is first read...
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    Looking For Tricks!

    Do you already have the Royal Road to Card Magic by Hugard and Braue? It is a great book because it teaches one sleight (or a group of similar sleights) per chapter and then immediately after that, follows up with tricks to practice.
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    Different Saturday Night Contest Ideas

    Theory XI conducts written Saturday Night Contests occasionally regardless, along with guessing locations, cards, creating routines and tricks, shooting photographs, contests involving crafting various items with cards and many more. There is also a pinned thread in the General Discussion forum...
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    Aerial Maneuvers

    This way? In the video you posted, I can't see how your fingers are positioned. Is your ring finger in the corner? Because that way seems to give very less control on the packet to be spun. It also gives a weak trajectory to the packet. Try positioning your ring finger's outermost joint...
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    Aerial Maneuvers

    Is this what you intend it to look like? If so, I think I know why your cards are falling. If not, tell me. PS: I apologise for the quality, it was the best I could come up with on the spur of the moment.
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