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    Bicycle Fashion Back Playing Cards

    OK, I'll be the adult here. This was a BAD, BAD idea, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else do the same thing. How much did that deck cost? $3? $4? If someone would have seen you doing that, they would have either forced you to buy it or tried to prosecute you for damaging store property...
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    Justin Miller interview

    I know a lot of people here are fans of Justin Miller. You will all be interested to hear this.
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    Your thoughts on Brad Christian

    Because I'm a paid staff member on E, I'm not going to get in an argument with the forum posters who are spouting off cheap shots. Instead, I'll ask this: What does slamming Brad, or any another magician, do to help your magic improve? It's safe to say that Christian and Ellusionist are the...
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    M5 DVD details And.... Authograph?

    It's the Ellusionist e-zine. Justin Miller. Justin is a whole lotta awesome.
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    The starting price point will be $29.95. More information, including a podcast interview and some of Adam's stage and close-up magic, can be found here. ~joe
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    A Farewell...

    I predict the resurgence of the kvlt kiddies. This board won't be the same without you, Steer. For those who thought he was too harsh: His ability to be provocative was often mistaken for being rude. I would encourage you to think of the teachers who taught you the most. Chances are they...
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    David Blaine - Page Six Article + JB's Response

    Ugh... critics... I hate them with a passion. :D I'm so glad my newspaper doesn't hire any. S'all good, brothaman... thanks for reading past my snittiness and getting to the heart of what I was trying to say. I could have written my point a lot better than I did.
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    David Blaine - Page Six Article + JB's Response

    No, I cant blame you — that's exactly why the misquote was so damaging. But that doesn't cancel out the fact that people passed judgment on Brad based on incorrect info. Wasn't meant to be a swipe... just a nudge. Exactly. A small minority damages the reputation of all, which is why you felt...
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    David Blaine - Page Six Article + JB's Response

    If you're still not sure what to say, you might try, "Looks like I was premature in my judgment of why more and more magicians hate Ellusionist." That's just me. But you touch on another point: This wasn't "the media" that quoted Brad Christian so wrongly, badly and This...
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    David Blaine - Page Six Article + JB's Response

    To praetoritevong, Copperfield14, RDChopper, Morgician, Zephil, visualartist and those of you who are interested in the other side of the story: Brad Christian has posted his response to the Page Six story in this post on Full disclosure: I'm a contributor for E's blog. But given...
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    Bad News for David Blaine?

    I had a conversation with someone at my job who thinks Blaine's matchbook trick was staged. Obviously, everyone reading here knows the truth: That it's not staged, and can be done by any one of us with the proper practice. As reluctant as I am to talk about exposers, one of them wrote...
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    THAT was the "Dive of Death"?

    Full disclosure: I'm one of the guys that writes the Ellusionist blog. That being said, my favorite was the trick with the $1s into $100s. Being from New Orleans, Blaine giving out money like that, to residents of the Ninth, meant a lot to me. I'm a Saints fan, but I'd never tat a fleur de...
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    Bad News for David Blaine?

    You could say I'm pretty opinionated. (/shameless plugging) Bottom line: It was a bad, misleading story for a lot of reasons. The reporter didn't do his homework-- wait, what am I talking about? It's not even bylined. That's not a good thing. I'm a reporter for a major daily newspaper, and if...
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    Online magic libraries, interesting blogs...

    Ellusionist's blog has been pretty good lately. And shucks, that new writer, named Joe Hadsall, who looks totally nothing like me, and just happens to live in the same town as me, is awesome! :D <<end blatant, obvious self-promotion>> Seriously, check it out. I'd appreciate the feedback. ~joe
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    An urgent problem: Does theory11 bring viruses?

    Of all the responses on this thread, only Magicbysage is giving good advice. The rest is horrible and, if your dad actually reads this site, will likely get you grounded. "Look, Dad. I asked a community of my friends and colleagues in magic and cardistry about this situation, and read what...
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