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    That totally fried me. -M.
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    Fake Box Load

    Danny Garcia had a technigue called the DG box steal. it can be found on his "Symphony" dvd or his notes called "limited" which can be purchased from dan and dave. -M.
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    CPR change by Lloyd Barnes.

    its almost completley angle proof. the only angle restricton is to the left of the spectator. hope that helps -M.
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    CPR change by Lloyd Barnes.

    The CPR change by Lloyd Barnes "CPR Change is a visual, silent and open colour change that happens under the cover of a one handed shake". "Based on the look of the Clipshift, the CPR Change is medium skill level and requires no heavy knuckle busting movements. Also, the bottom card never...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Bad Magic Picture Challenge!

    haha well heres my entry. not the best but meh. i even gave myself a little combover (: good luck to everyone! :P
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    Drop - The Visual Downward Elevator Effect | Chris Lafferty

    Hmm. To me it looks like a great effect. Theres no way it could use a pass. A herman pass would WORK but it wouldnt acomplish the visual factor of the effect. I like it but something i wont be picking up. -M.
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    yes i am filipino haha. -M.

    yes i am filipino haha. -M.
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    yeah im pretty keen for another photography contest. since its the only one i can do cause i dont have a video camera :P -M.
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    Crush by Eric Ross

    wow. that DOES look sick. defientley picking this up. -M.
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    Nikon Film Festival - In The Cards : Short Film by Andrei Jikh

    that was an amazing video. great work andrei. -M.
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    The blister card revelations. Branded or Third Degree Burn

    agreed. D+Ms infliction is great. i use it all the time and it never fails. -M.
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    Fastest and best Card Trick

    yay. another inversion. -M.
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    What do you think about Brian Tudor?

    cocky but a damn good flourisher. -M.
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    What about Style in magic?

    I like to be down to earth, entertaining and polite when i am performing magic. This way, i get the spectators trust and reducing the chance of me being heckled :D -M.
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