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    The Faces of Theory11

    Ha Great idea mate made me laugh.
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    Cardistry 101 Volume 2 - Where is it theory11?

    Topic says it all, how come no release :/
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    PROPAGANDA: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Amen J Bayme... I pesonally love the design on these cards, but thats irrelevant because its always about subjective opinion. It seems as though you have some sort of vendetta against theory11 for a frankly awesome advertising campain. What do you expect? People buy them if they want them, a...
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    Push through Shuffle 1-on-1

    Ha true story :) 'shift thxbai' although some of his stuff is soo knacky like the 1 handed palming stuff, but credits to him cos I still <3 his magic.
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    Push through Shuffle 1-on-1

    Hey Mate, big fan of Ben earl myself but agree some explanations lack abit. Personally I figured the push through shuffle myself, I use it all the time in gambling routines but often its just alot simple to learn an inhands false riffle or something similar. I dont own the 1-on-1 so wouldn't...
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    Cheop's Dunbury Sandwich

    ha clever idea, liked it. Nice performance too, you seem to have the mechanics down.
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    Favorite Card Magicians

    Favourite of all time = Ricky Jay and Derren Brown. Always love watching them
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    Ellusionist blog post on DB

    Why the hell is that needed, the guy is trying to give some info to us all not be all pissy about it. People like you ruin theory 11's community..
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    Best place for Cards

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone can recommend where I could get some Stud cards or Aladdin 1001's for a nice price. My problem is im situated in the Uk which is a bit of a problem as I loose waaaay too much money on postage from america :D, All suggestions welcome, also for any mods...
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    Four Queen Display

    Hey no worries, thanks for the feedback, like I say it was just something quick I came up with :) Checked out kev hos video, I can see its sort of similar but i have not copied I assure you, I only just watched it, anyway thanks for the feedback ill consider it.
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    Four Queen Display

    Hey guys this is a quick four queen display I came up with as an alternative ending to dan and dave buck's "Queens" its a great trick, I just modified the last vanish and end with this usaully, I quite like it and I hope you do too any feedback is appriciated. Apologese in advance for some flare...
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