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    Saturday Night Contest - Year in Review

    My greatest memory - my first performance after quite a long break. It felt amazing, it left long lasting impressions, those feeling keep me going. What I hope to achieve - performing even more, polish my routines, develop new stories to tell
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    Comeback/ Moved to Amsterdam

    So, nice to see you guys! Haven't posted (nor done anything related to magic) for ages. After I'd made some major steps in my life and had some inspirational moments (which I can tell about if anyone wants (; ), I finally returned to my beloved art. It feels so awesome! The thing is, does...
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    Holiday Wheel

    Hey (;, I guess you will be contacted through the email you had entered before spinning the wheel. It just might take some time. Good luck.
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    Saturday Night Contest - White Magic Roundtable

    Dan, do you know how pointless my question is? Thanks, Vlad
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    Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Double Hey, I had a break from the forums and from magic almost entirely. Now I am back and wish everybody good luck! Hope, you'll enjoy my entry. P.S. Sorry for weird Russian accent on the video, we were having fun with friends ;D
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    signed card to food can

    Some time ago i thought the same about Google search, but I was proved wrong. It's always a good idea to ask experienced magicians.
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    Google+ Hangout Time/Date

    alrighty, let's talk (:. My email is
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    Skype Jams / Google Hangout

    That would be pretty nice. When do you want to talk?
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    Hi guys!

    It's OK. Simply, If you take a look at the threads here on the forums, you will see that certain guys here post videos very often without any reason but getting views on Youtube. I hope your intentions are different and you want to improve and help others to improve. Good luck!
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    Table riffle shuffle

    You know, for me your fingers look absolutely OK. But if you are really unsatisfied with them, you may want to use pinkies instead of ring fingers when pushing packets together and keeping ring fingers on the longer side of the deck. (; Good luck
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    Clink - Improved

    Nice little effect. But when you perform the second "penetration", there is way too much hands motion, especially compared to the first one. Otherwise, I liked it.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red: 2 of Spades White: King of Clubs Blue: 7 of Diamonds Red: 3 of Hearts White: 9 of Clubs Blue: Ace of Clubs
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    The Melt and Reverse Illusion by 97mrdude

    Sad but true...
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    A Little Curiosity....

    I study the history of art but yet, I have found things that I never noticed before (:. For example, I studied the "Milkmaio" by Vermeer alone a month or so ago but did not notice those "signs" :D. Also, the one with King and Queen is pretty intriguing. What did you search for to find this post?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Show Your Collection

    Good old Bicycles (:
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