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    Self righteous, hypocritical, and haven't changed a bit. My only hope, that nobody wastes a moment reading "Baller", with so much need for help and support in the art, you can better spend time. He has been in magic 25 years and has created nothing but self importance - tada...
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    Lost Magician

    Thanks so much - I wondered how many people would read it bottom to top, and not just top down to get it. The video "Lost Generation" inspired me to write it. Thanks for the kind feedback again. Cheers. MB
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    Lost Magician

    Because I can choose to be more It is for these reasons I choose not to be another magician Giving people a magical experience To get the most out of magic you should be Learning popular magic tricks off the internet Listen, talented Magicians will tell you not to waste time Reading...
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    Misdirection well applied. Learn.

    Hmm, I wonder if it is your reasoning, or perhaps that you read the title of the topic and watched the video with intention of NOT being misdirected. What makes taht a powerful advertisement is the fact that if you focus on finding the number of passes you will miss the bear. I think this...
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    Does Anybody Recognize This Effect?

    As it has been said, this is Rollover Aces, I have it in "Derek Dingles's Complete Works" by Richard Kaufman, and yes - this is really riffle stacking, and like most of Dingle's work, this is not for the faint of hand. It is challenging, especially if you want to do it as amazing as Ammar does...
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    New York Meet Up?

    I will be in New York from the 2nd to the 5th - I am also looking for a session.
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    What exactly makes someone a magician?

    Haha, I LOVE your defintion. I pride myself on being all that you say, and more. This commercial, although downplays me a bit, should give you an idea of my life. I think you nailed it Nikki, you just left my name out. Seriously though, I...
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    I Thought This Was a Magic Forum

    All I can say is it takes genius to recognize genius, ha. Thanks.
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    I Thought This Was a Magic Forum

    I agree. Communication the traditional way is becoming as lost an art as Thimble magic. Think of it this way. Few people read these days, especially long threads. Why would you want to make it harder on the audience to read your thoughts? Do you not finding challenging enough to get your...
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    Hi guys!

    I prefer the black ones as well - very distinct
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    5 Sleights for the Rest of Your Life

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    My One Coin Routine

    Truthfully, Kras' video is really who he is...that is his natural. I think it is a charming approach, and perhaps more sophisticated than most. Keep up the good work bro, your magic has come a long way. Cheers.
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    My One Coin Routine

    FYI Prae - Morgan B once was Morgician, I think prior posts show I resort to logic most times, but time is short, and I don't have time to prove a point that will be lost on most - I have no hard feelings for Scott, and my humour IS suck it, ha. Anyhow, I am willing to retract...
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    My One Coin Routine

    Scott, it was the first video I pulled. Lit cig vanished isn't really a "routine" it is a single moment. I am not saying you can't end with a vanish, although I might have come across that way. There are many routines that do...however, the theory given in a movie was by Michael Weber...and...
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    5 Sleights for the Rest of Your Life

    Here is the list of TOP notch could you pick any other? In order of awesomeness: 1) The Glide 2) The "Cut Deeper" Force 3) Clip Shift 4) Ego Change 5) Sybil As for the worst...I would go with: 1) Top Change 2) Palm 3) Cull 4) Glimpse 5) Double Lift...or a jog...
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