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    Impromptu floating table

    hey this is a pretty cool floating table.....i just bought it and it's awesome
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    Tannen's Magic Camp

    It's at Bryn Mawr College, right outside of Philadelphia. Here's some more information:
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    Tannen's Magic Camp

    So is anyone going to Tannen's Magic Camp? This summer will be my first time going but I hear it's AWESOME!!! I'm really excited, so is there anyone here that's also going? I also know its not too late to sign up if you want to go, which is pretty cool. So who's going?
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    [post deleted by member]

    [post deleted by member]
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    Dresscode question plz help

    1. Only the ruffling of the shirt (which is a good thing for the illusion). 2. Absolutely. But it's a sacrifice for a great trick!
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    Clipshift question

    When you first start it, you will want to give up (at least I did). Then when you break through the initial difficulty, you will begin to get more comfortable with the knack of each step, but will still probably make noise with it. Then, the more you do it, the noise will go away. I started in...
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    SMOKE through airport security?

    I haven't yet taken it on an airplane, but I have had it go through a bag scanning conveyer belt to allow for my entry into a building (the gimmick was in a bag with other stuff), but everything was fine......but i was holding my breath :)
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    My Cousin Vinny magic trick

    I just saw the scene in My Cousin Vinny in which Joe Pesci performs the card trick to describe the "illusion" of stories the prosecuting attorney is trying to create. I've seen the movie before, but not for a while, so I kinda forgot about that scene until I just saw it on TBS (it's still on as...
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    How's Smoke going?

    I find myself to be pretty liberal with the cartridges, as I discard them if, even after a full charge, the smoke is weak. So being that Asher is on the same cartridge and Blindside is on the same charge, how thick are the two of you guys' smoke now and are you picky with the size of your smoke...
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    How's Smoke going?

    Just to clear up what I mean about battery life: With each charge, the battery life cycle most likely decreases slightly. I have yet to have a problem with a shortened battery life. Apologies for any confusion. Thanks!
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    How's Smoke going?

    So Smoke has been around for a few months now. For all of you who have had it for a while, what reactions have you received with it? Also, is your gimmick/cartridges holding out okay? For me, I've gotten great reactions and have performed it for so many people thanks to its practicality. As...
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    Blaine Chronicles on Travel Channel

    So I just saw a commercial for the Blaine Chronicles that will air on December 12th at 4:00 p.m. EST on Travel Channel and am excited! I believe it is a marathon of all his specials. Although I've seen many of those specials thousands of times, it's always fun watching them live on TV. Who else...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Magic in da House!

    Finally I have time to compete! This one was fun!
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    Saturday Night Contest - t11 Scavenger Hunt v2

    1. Jason England was once mistaken for Mr. Incredible in a comic book store. 2. B.J. Bueno used to live in Saudi Arabia. 3. Chris Kenner drove four-wheelers on the beach of Cyprus shortly after getting married. 4. Dave Buck battled Chad Nelson in a card war on the streets of Hollywood. 5. Tony...
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