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  1. Mr.Ection

    Nowhere Palm

    If you use the nowhere palm in the context of a spider vanish its just about as good as a complete vanish if you ask me. I remember watching michael rubinstein do a spider vanish into nowhere palm with four coins (keep in mind that i knew what a spider vanish was and i knew what nowhere palm...
  2. Mr.Ection

    What is a lecture?

    workshops are like lectures but much smaller and more hands on. The magician holding it will have like 5-10 people around a table and they will be working on something specific. Like a thumb tip workshop, or card workshop (although its usually more specific than just "cards") something like...
  3. Mr.Ection

    Creative Process... UGH

    Here's a piece of advice on a similar subject from one of my favorite authors.
  4. Mr.Ection

    "5"- Marcus Eddie - trick?

    its not on "on the spot" its on "off the cuff" and greg only teaches that first phase.
  5. Mr.Ection

    What do you do?

    "you see this stuff every day?!"
  6. Mr.Ection

    Dai Vernon or Tony Slydini?

    which one what? which one do we "like better"?
  7. Mr.Ection

    The Best Effect Ever?

    my favorite effect is time travel. If you're talking about a specific trick/routine, i really like gary kurtz hypothetical possibility's of a non-linear flow of time. It has several very strong moments.
  8. Mr.Ection

    Thoughts? Anyone?

    NO! No thoughts.
  9. Mr.Ection

    Tiny Chat

    i'm on right now. don't know how long i will be on.
  10. Mr.Ection

    Nyuck...Nyuck...YUCK! looks like this guy thought it wasn't such a bad idea. And i'm pretty sure he makes his living doing this stuff so..... But anyway. Each to his own.
  11. Mr.Ection

    How many decks do you have ... ?

    i think i've got 4 unopened decks left. I need to take a trip to cost-co. I'm not really "crazy about cards" though. Just card magic.
  12. Mr.Ection

    zarrow shuffle battle

    you know what the funny thing is? (besides all the bickering on this thread). I bet you if you posted a vid of a hot chick flashing her tits nobody would give a sh!t lol. :p
  13. Mr.Ection

    zarrow shuffle battle

    wow that girl is ho-tastic. This is the second video of yours (i think the other one was on youtube though) that had her flashing her tits lol.
  14. Mr.Ection

    Palm addition

    i agree with scott. Reeds classic palming dvd is really a nice resource. One other technique you can use (that i got from david stones coin magic vol. 1) depending on the context of the routine is drop one coin on another as you make the classic palm to cover the sound (or really do anything to...
  15. Mr.Ection

    my brother just finished fixing it yesterday.

    my brother just finished fixing it yesterday.
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