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    Thoughts on New Business Card!

    I am at a loss here, how is this supposed to help? M.
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    Public Disturbance

    Depends on where you are performing. All in all the fact that you are performing is not the issue but actually the filming part is the issue. If you are filming in a mall or on a closed marketplace then you are entitled to ask for permission to film there since what you are actually doing is...
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    Thoughts on New Business Card!

    Take the time to search the interwebs for different designs. What you have here is a very simplistic, low impact design that just is a business card. Over the course of a few years i have found that low-impact cards are for the simple businessman or accountant or some other job that has a...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Your Deck Trailer

    Filmed with a HTC HD7 with limited resources and edited with iMovie. It is little, it is straight forward and gives you the idea of a wonderful deck. Cheers! M. PS. My second entry since 2010... I never get to join in these.
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    The Vault, from Jamie D. Grant~ A new card guard.

    I have no words. M.
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    What do they mean, "What's your character?"

    The whole definition of the word. But keep your eye on the first example. "1 the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual : running away was not in keeping with her character." A character is a stage persona. Much like an actor has its persona(to explain a guy who plays 007 is...
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    Telephone Mentalist pieces

    Depends on what you want to use it for? As publicity or an effect in your act. Also does it have to involve a telephone, be achieved through a telephone conversation or have a theme that ties in with telephones? M.
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    "75% of performances are poor...." -- Fitzkee

    I have said this time and time again that magic lacks teachers. What modern magic has done is taken the old tradition of teaching and taken the living teacher out of it. Thus eliminating the chance to workshop effects on the spot. Ask for advice and by all means have someone yell the living crap...
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    prophet question

    Prophet is more of a "make it at home" gimmick whereas XB needs some extra elves to do your dirty work. M.
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    The Success Story Of The Mengel Brothers

    That looks sick! Ma olin alguses tibake skeptiline teie plaanis, kuid ma loodan, et sellisele pealehakkamisele järgneb ka mingisugunegi edu! Häid jõule! :) Merry Christmas!
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    Charity: Water Cards

    These are so beautiful and although pricey i will be working towards getting as many decks as possible. We take for granted the water that runs from our tap. It is a right to have running water and if i can make a little kid happy by donating and giving just enough to get the money together for...
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    Are you scared to palm?

    Thought of card to pocket by Ben Earl is one of my favorite effects to perform when caught off guard with a deck of cards with me. Going to perform it tonight as a matter of fact. So yes i am very comfortable with palming - also i have no idea how to get spectators to shuffle the pack when in...
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    Magic Books that are now on DVD

    Thank you Steerpike for clearing that up. M.
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    Who Here Uses Skype?

    mikkparg - this would have been a totally stereotypical Estonian forum post if i were the first one to reply to this. Some estonians surf the net and when they come across a Skype question they attack it like Daniel Garcia attacks muffins. Just to resolve the questions in your heads Estonians...
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    Restored - Lloyd Barnes

    Signing a card is drawing attention to it. If no attention is needed on the card then no signature is needed. M.
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