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  1. mr_magic

    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    1. red=Ace of clubs white =Ace of diamonds blue =Ace of Spades 2. red=7 of hearts white=4 of spades blue=jack of diamonds 3. red=7 of clubs white=4 of spades blue=jack of hearts
  2. mr_magic

    JAQKs on Penguin Magic?

    if you wanna buy some do it now!! they are selling 9.99$ a deck on ebay now.
  3. mr_magic

    Earl Nelson's Sleeve Aces

    hi mate, this trick can be found in the book "Variations". I liked the simplicity and the cleaness of it ...
  4. mr_magic


    i like the last one :D
  5. mr_magic

    New release tonight...

    are these gonna be limited?
  6. mr_magic

    new decks

    for cuts i like the Wynn decks for other kind of flourishing i highly recommend you the split spades and the sentinels. i had 6 bricks of massas decks and my opinion they are the worst decks ive ever had.
  7. mr_magic

    one handed cuts

    yes there is a dvd of that cut.
  8. mr_magic

    one handed cuts

    theres one you need to know - captain crunch check it here at 1.07 :)
  9. mr_magic

    Saturday Night Contest - Heads (or Tails)

    1. Heads 2. Tails 3. Heads 4. heads 5. Heads
  10. mr_magic

    Picking up girls with magic?

    actually the last 6 girlfriends that i had i met them by doing magic in college,dressing nice and smelling nice is a big plus. they just love the kiss effect by cyril ;)
  11. mr_magic


    very nice ;)
  12. mr_magic

    Any thoughts on Lennart Green's Master Files

    i got this set and its worth buying it.
  13. mr_magic

    when do they get new decks?

    i see some decks who are out of stock here on ebay
  14. mr_magic

    Magic-con 2011

    Juan Tamariz!!!!
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