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    Going to NYC for a few days

    Hi, I'm visiting some friends. In Manhattan this week and wanted to know if there's anyone who wants to jam up maybe get some beers, etc.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

    Just a little flourish I came up with this morning. Thanks
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    Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

    What made you took so long on making this DGP projects ,again? Any moves that are as powerful as the "EGO ONES"? PLEASE READ : Como te gustan tus chilaquiles? , How do you like chilaquiles?ninja style?
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    Help Us Stop Magic Piracy

    wow you really get the point , i'm with you , i think what you just wrote on your last posts is pure gold. the first thing and most importan is YOU CANT CHANGE THE WORLD thats real, its impossible to do it the humans cant be transformed, what you should do is GET OVER IT and by that i dont...
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    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    This is me! Me at MUAC (Contemporary Art Museum)
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    Yo en el Estado

    Yo en el Estado
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    hey! de que parte de Mex eres?

    hey! de que parte de Mex eres?
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    Ignore Everybody and 39 other Keys to Creativity

    wow i cant believe it , I have this book... havent started reading it yet , but its almost its turn.. haha
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    New iPhone Effect - Mike Hankins

    I PM'd you , FYI my birthday is on June 10th haha
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    $4.95 Discount Not Working?

    I thought this would happen, people do not appreciate the good things, i hope you get those aholes , and give them a BIG punishment, ban them for life! On the other side I'm glad I got something for FREEEEEEE(Adam Sandler style), I'm watching the Shinobi Control!, I think it is quite aweome...
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    Choosing Effects for TV

    it is indeed something quite complicated, but if you are going to perform anything, I'd say, do it!. you cannot have rights on something like an idea. so you are safe on this one
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    Choosing Effects for TV

    You don't have to ask permission, when you buy the trick you get the right to perform it anywhere, wherever you like, what you cannot do is publish the method, but performing something cannot be prohibited by anyone, it is not as in the music industry where you are using the exact same lyric or...
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    Hi guys!

    yeah normally i'll hand them out after performing, and magia means magic as Luis Vega says,thanks for the feedback
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    Hi guys!

    Thanks i think I'll pick the black one, cause normally I work at nightclubs, but thanks anyway. @Luis Vega Thanks mate, the site isn't up ,yet.I'm working on it and looking for some ideas also. gracias
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    Hi guys!

    thanks guys , @EJ which one do you recommend?.
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