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  • Just wanted to tilt over to say hope everything is going well! ;) :)
    By the way, I performed Spin today. This buddy of mine hates magic, he thinks it is the lowest form of entertainment. I showed him spin. He just about died haha. I borrowed his water bottle and a straw, and performed it no problem. Just thought I would tell you a success story.
    If you aren't familiar with the effects, both are performed in this video when I went to San Antonio to film some magic for a little segment on local T.V. They decided not to air it. The Big Tiny is the trick with Lauren, you'll know which one. Then Pressure is the Cell Phone through Balloon.
    Good job with spin! Very rare that I like an effect this much and will perform it as much as I love it. There is only 3 effects I have found that are just solid gold, and this was the 3rd one!
    Glad you liked the review! Like I said before, can't wait to see what you have in store for us! PW:F is one of my favorite effects.
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