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    Cassidy's Fundamentals

    For an alternative viewpoint on the value of acting lessons as it relates to magic, take a look at Robert Giobbi's superb essay in the May issue of Genii magazine. Giobbi goes against most advice you hear people give regarding the importance of acting lessons, and it's worth reading.
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    Your Favorite Mentalism Effect?

    Simon Aronson has a superb mentalism (or mental magic) item in one of his books. It is one of his few non card items and it's a strong effect that is fun to perform, and has an inbuilt emotional hook. I use it all the time.
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    Public Libraries?

    It's doubtful that the library will be able to order you in a copy of Strong Magic. Most school and public libraries order from specialised library suppliers who supply books to the trade, and these companies simply wouldn't stock Strong Magic. If you can find a library that does hold a copy...
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    500th Post: Why are you showing me this?

    While the Ham Sandwich Theory may have been explained and used by Tommy Wonder, it was originally published in Henning Nelm's book Magic and Showmanship, so if anything it's Nelm's.
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    Hi Sherlock, Thanks for the message. I don't use MSN, but I'll have a read through the thread...

    Hi Sherlock, Thanks for the message. I don't use MSN, but I'll have a read through the thread again and check out your posts. I enjoyed the discussion and your contributions, but I'll have to give it a more thorough looking over.
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    Is magic art?

    Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t think that magic should be overtly political or attempt to promote some type of subversive message, although it can. I just think it needs to be relevant. This can be as simple as the performer drawing on the large reservoir of popular culture. I’ve seen part...
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    Is magic art?

    I’ve been seeing too many topics lately discussing “The Art of Magic” or “Advancing Magic as an Art”. These topics take for granted that magic is an art. I don’t agree with that opinion and I’m going to explain why. Along the way I’ll offer some viewpoints on magic as an art. The goal of this...
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