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    Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Double Here's mine, best of luck to all :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Rarebit Card Lottery

    1:ace of spades 2:5 of hearts 1:10 of clubs 2:Jack of hears
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    Saturday Night Contest - Dimitri Arleri Roundtable

    How far can you throw a card? Do you practice to music? If so, which artists and albums? The Prestige or The Illusionist?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry on Instagram

    I don't have an iphone so couldn't upload to instagram; made a 15 sec video anyway, hope it counts! Cheers!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Show Your Collection

    Here you go:
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    Was it done before?

    Forgive me if I'm skeptical, but you're saying you can, in one riffle shuffle, without having seen the borrowed cards after they have been mixed by someone else, control any chosen sequence of cards (say, a full house, 3 tens and 2 queens) to the top of the deck or even better, to be dealt to...
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    Anyone knows the name of the song ?

    A quick google search of 'why am I a plan B' got the result. B Team - Marianas Trench
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    Should the pass have the sound?

    Seems like I've found someone else who likes to obsessively practice difficult sleight of hand to 'perfection'. I love the pass, and the noise mine makes is the equivalent of lightly running a finger across the side of the deck.
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    All suggestions welcome.

    Dana's music in general, but that may be just my taste.
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    All suggestions welcome.

    From skipping through your video: I liked the video quality, along with the angles. I did not care for the music, I think although T11 used it for (too) many of their first releases it doesn't fit magic vids very well. That's the only criticism I have, otherwise good job, I know how much effort...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    Black: 10H White: 6D Black: 3H White:JH
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    Almost got it...

    It would be helpful to see a video of your pass, so that more specific advice could be given :)
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    Magic in Mind: Free Book!

    Vanishing Inc have very generously released a free ebook with contributions from some of the top names in magic. The book focuses entirely on theory, which would not go amiss for many of us! Create an...
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    David Williamson busted on TV

    This video will answer your question: In short, no it was definitely not intentional :)
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    The Same or Different?

    I have watched it as carefully as it gets, and still think it's (the palm) faked. The key is his right thumb. It never goes anywhere near the bottom of the fan to retain a card into palm. There should also be a sidestealing action to the palm, as the card needs to be slid out from under the...
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