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Recent content by Nate Malini

  1. Nate Malini

    A Little Conversation With a Kid Who Reveals Magic on YouTube

    Only one person responded, they will remain nameless: Why would you keep this kid nameless?
  2. Nate Malini

    Dive of Death - Clarification

    He did not break his legs and neck hitting that floor. He did not get tangled in the lighting catwalk. it ended fine for his body,and health.
  3. Nate Malini

    Dive of Death - Afterthoughts and Discussion

    More technical slight of hand with cards was great for those soon to be coming "How to" guys. I hope Danny G's "Fraud" survives the how to geeks of the net. how Manny of you guys hate to watch magic shows with friends and families? all night it was like after every efect.... "Can you do...
  4. Nate Malini


    I have know idea what your asking anymore. you said the sound is a problem but found the answer in David stones routine. some one said a closeup mat but you said "And carry it with me at all times?" then you said you like pool table tops. 1) a sofa cushion 2) a large soft book 3) a...
  5. Nate Malini

    Why Are You Interested In Magic?

    ".........They then at their school perform something like Stigmata in an effort just to gain attention. It really just makes me sick." Sinful. I really don't know what its like to be in high school in 2008. but when i was in school (1990s) it was safe to say i was the only magician in...
  6. Nate Malini

    whats up man? long time no post.

    whats up man? long time no post.
  7. Nate Malini

    Favorite Vanish

    The Classic Palm....I know that sounds so lame for such an awesome photo of me holding 5 quarters.
  8. Nate Malini

    Silencing Coins and Cheap Gimmicks

    If you talk at the moment of nesting them the coins will be 100% silent. but remember no screaming, just a normal well timed word or two. I know I'm guilty of practicing with out patter but it helps when patter works as a cover for small sounds. Side note: I throw coins (Quarters) over...
  9. Nate Malini

    How do you practice?

    do it to Music. all kinds all tempos. speed comes with time.
  10. Nate Malini

    Why Are You Interested In Magic?

    I was born this strange power so i had to learn magic as a cover. no more calls from the government.
  11. Nate Malini

    Why coin gimmicks?

    your a flourisher. what are you talking about "Purist"? you have no choice.
  12. Nate Malini

    Why coin gimmicks?

    "HATE" .....thats funny. how do you feel about thumb tips? I know I know thats cheating too. stop telling people your using one! call it skill. we are pretending to be magicans anyway.
  13. Nate Malini

    Need Help

    short and sweet? coin and pen routine. you can make it as long or short as you want on the spot.
  14. Nate Malini

    Filler effects?

    Is "Filler" a real term? Thats a suck term for my favorite part of performing. We all have 1 or 2 great opener's(maybe a deck production) and maybe 2 or 3 awesome possible closers(maybe a deck vanish). its this middle "Filler"part thats my favorite part. No "Fillers" baby. every trick...
  15. Nate Malini

    Foundation for coin work...

    If I had to pick one gaff coin..... Copper silver . I know that wasn't the question but i I'm going to say it anyway.
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