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  1. ncaron

    Saturday Night Contest - Black Friday

    Here is my entry!
  2. ncaron

    Wedding routine help.

    Anniversary Waltz is a no brainer.
  3. ncaron

    What deck do you like to perform with? Why?

    Either classic blue rider back bikes or NOC Originals matching my outfit. Other than those I am a big fan of the Madison Rounders, Madison Dealers, Monarchs and Artisans...
  4. ncaron

    Simple question; "Red or blue?".

    Worst case you put a red one in your shoe and a blue one in your inside jacket pocket... or other place.
  5. ncaron


    Hey late to the discussion but I have a question. I have read somewhere that when buying Odyssey you should buy 1 size larger than what you usually buy. Any comments about sizing?
  6. ncaron

    Next BookTo Purchase

    I am guessing those books gave you a VERY solid foundation in card magic. How about branching out a bit now? Could go the coin magic route with Bobo's book?
  7. ncaron

    Are My NOC v3 Marked?

    Actually... I have a bunch of NOC originals (the latest version) and I am now able to read them really quickly. Once used to it, they are easy to read.
  8. ncaron

    Are My NOC v3 Marked?

    Yeah looking at your photos I think they are marked. Pictures are a bit fuzzy on my phone but here is what I see. Top left Spade Top Right Diamond Bottom left ... not sure... could it be a joker? Bottom right Clubs
  9. ncaron

    Is exposure a significant problem in magic?

    I think lumping all youtube content producers in one big basket is a bigmistake. Like with books, the quality of content there varies a lot. Youtube is a platform... it's not a particular person or way of teaching / explaining things.
  10. ncaron

    Is exposure a significant problem in magic?

    First of, english is my second language so sometimes my point is probably not getting accross as well as I wished. Second, I am a hobbyist so my perception and views are not those of someone trying to make a living from magic and I am aware this has a big impact into my views on this topic...
  11. ncaron

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: Ace of clubs Card 2: Ten of spades Card 1: 6 of spade Card 2: 6 of heart
  12. ncaron

    Is exposure a significant problem in magic?

    Anyway there is an old saying that says "information wants to be free" and I think now that pandora's box has been open the important question is not "is exposure bad" but "How as a community do we deal with exposure". I think there are multiple ways to see this. Penn & Teller doing routine...
  13. ncaron

    Is exposure a significant problem in magic?

    I understand what you're trying to say but that's a bad analogy. There are tons of "making of" and "behind the scene" videos for movie and in general it has been shown to increase people's appreciation of movies, not decrease it.
  14. ncaron

    Is Chris Angel Any Good With Cards

    To be fair, a lot of what we see Blaine do can also be done with a few very simple sleights. I am not saying he is not good, just mentionning that to reinforce what obrienmagic said above.
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