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    Saturday Night Contest - Anything but Magic

    Haha thanks for the kind words^^ but it all has to go to all the people around me^^ my parners who invested time on me, my coaches, my friends and all who have supported me^^
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    Saturday Night Contest - Anything but Magic

    I've been doing for 8 years^^
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    Saturday Night Contest - Anything but Magic heres mine
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    Shift- Self bending key

    Just received my key and i had no problems in the reset...however the key is thin compared to most keys but still i do have some keys at home that are the same thickness so it wasnt a problem for me
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    In doubt needs help.

    Hi guys just wondering, when ordering from jamie schoolcraft, will he email you a tracking number?
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    Needs help urgently.

    Well guys, i would like to ask, if you would be performing to a groip of people that both of you guys don understand each others languages,ehat type of trick woud you perform? Pls state the name. As i have volunteered to perform to a group of poor little kids whom have been outcast by their...
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    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    I think it's the king and the joker are from the white monarchs:) hahas and I think people are seeing which are the white-er cards lol
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    Lassen or schoolcraft? Pls state reason

    Lassen or schoolcraft? Pls state reason or choice
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    Beginner coin tricks

    Impromptu tricks???
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    Beginner coin tricks

    Any coin tricks for beginners??? Throw in your ideas:)
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    Please help:Classic Joe Porper clip

    Tried and it got stuck in it...
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    Please help:Classic Joe Porper clip

    hey there I have just purchased a JP Clip and when I tried it out, my deck could not fit in it... Thinking that it might be my deck bein too old, I tried out a new splitspades lions deck... But it still would not work... Can someone help me with this problem...
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    Thinking process:tricks creating

    Well just wanted to know the thinking process of some of you guys when creating a to hear from famous magicians around the world:)
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    Shell question

    Erm well I only use schoolcraft coins so I can't say about others. But with them,I have no problems.well if you have questions for coinone,I can help:)feel free to pm me If you have any questions:) Cheers, Near Yap
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    Balean Twist

    Slowly.take you time with it eventually you will get it :D
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