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    Is Brad Christian a good performer/magician?

    Hey smart one, the effect "Burned" isn't on Inside Magic.
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    Get rid of shyness?

    I haven't been performing magic very long, but my opinion might be worth at least something. I'm would say I'm extremely shy. Even if I'm in a crowd of strangers, as long as I'm with a friend or something then I'm pretty open with everyone else. But often when I'm just by myself I tend not to...
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    The History Of Magic

    I'm going off David Blaine's book Mysterious Stranger here, so I'm not sure exactly how reliable it is--great book by the way. According to Blaine the first magic trick we have record of being performed was by an ancient Egyptian magician for one of the Pharaohs responsible for building the...
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    A Small Issue with "Cerca Trova"

    Yeah, it's Latin, not Italian. Why would they even use Italian? Anyway, I'm pretty sure that it's the 2nd person, singular, imperative form of the the two verbs "to seek" and "to find."
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    What's after TnR?

    Control by W:H would be cool.
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    Molecule Cut 1-on-1

    I'll check out XB.
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    Hofzzy Osbourne and Click Change too difficult?

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Someone suggested getting Royal Road to Card Magic. I don't learn all too well from books, but there are the dvds. However, when i watched the preview for the dvds I got the implication that you had to have both the books and the dvds. Is that true? Or would I be...
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    Molecule Cut 1-on-1

    Where can I learn the original without buying trilogy or the system? Or is there any other place?
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    I want to buy the shapeshifter dvd but it seems a little too expensive for a single color change. And I have other more important things I want to buy, such as the new CIBs.
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    Is there a dvd out there somewhere that has lots of different changes on it?
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    It looks like the shapeshifter change is used in Hoffzy Osbourne. Is it taught in the download? Or is it a completely different change?
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    Molecule Cut 1-on-1

    I think I'll do fine then :)
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    Molecule Cut 1-on-1

    Is the original molecule hard to learn from the download?
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    Trilogy vs. Ninja

    Thanks for all the help guys :). I think I'm going to wait on both of them and get Crash Course 2.
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    Hofzzy Osbourne and Click Change too difficult?

    I know, and that's why I decided not to buy the whole Trilogy. I just thought these looked really nice to know and I wanted to learn them if it was possible. I'm certainly going to practice the "basics" more. I just wanted to know how to do these too. If I could do them with practice then...
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