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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison

    1. Is there a specific you create your effects. 2. How did you get the idea to publish your works indepently on your site 3. How does your history in card cheating effect your magic
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    What's the 5th release?

    dimitri's thing
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    What trick should I buy?

    yeah get a book way better value and they will teach you way more about magic than detach or any other download
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    Saturday Night Contest: Duel in the Alley!

    winner: mj with 140 winner andrei with 153 winner: Andrei with 160
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    The world's hardest and longest card cut

    trevor i personally loved it nice job cant wait for your dvd
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    Precursor :: Patrick Kun + Zach Mueller

    Crazy visual magic.Fooled the cheese out of me.
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    Magic Con 2012

    I am totally going our school has spring break then so i pre-registered
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    Mustache Magic :: Calen Morelli

    Great stuff. Using magic for the power of good.
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    New to Cardistry? You've Come to The Right Place!

    Thanks Casey. I think another good thing to start out with is extreme begginers but they dont really teach any two handed cut on extreme begginers.
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    The Most Natural Card Force?

    I like using the classic force for most lay man. But if i get a heckler i will use the spread cull force.The classic and the cull force both look the same but the cull force feels like more of a free choice to the spectator
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    Looking for card tricks

    Do you do card warp? You might like it.
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    new colour change

    Cool change. Nice job.How much is it going to cost?
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    FOURFIT :: Restoration #1

    it looks good I cant tell if it will be that good just because its only one restoration thanks for sharing
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    11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

    i cant wait i love all of theory11 decks and i hope this is as good as the others
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