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  1. Nico91

    Saturday Night Contest - t11 Scavenger Hunt v2

    Are some artists used twice?
  2. Nico91


    I'm definitely getting this rather than Colorblind. :)
  3. Nico91

    Happpy b-day!

    Happpy b-day!
  4. Nico91

    t11.bulletin : Essential Magic Conference - What You Need to Know

    I'm streaming fine. Are you using Chrome?
  5. Nico91

    t11.bulletin : Essential Magic Conference - What You Need to Know

    4 sessions currently available. Marco is workin' hard.
  6. Nico91

    Hi everyone !

    Hey man, welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay :)
  7. Nico91

    Jerry's Nuggets from Lee Asher

    Lee Asher will be selling his authentic Jerry's Nuggets again on October 1st, 2010. Prices and exact times will be launched later.
  8. Nico91

    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    That's why he called it a spoiler. Don't look at it if you want to figure it out for yourself :)
  9. Nico91

    What you think?

    Having been a tattoo apprentice at one point and knowing a good tattoo from a bad one, I'm going to say the work looks clean! Whoever did it did a good job. However, I am gonna say..I've never been a big fan of getting the same tattoo as anyone else.
  10. Nico91

    Magnetic Dice*F%3F&GUID=ebecca721290a0aad2572827ff55ebaa&itemid=250511631757&ff4=263602_263622
  11. Nico91

    Speed in Flourishing

    Work on making your flourishes fluid. Keep it all at a constant speed and make it smooth. I always thought that when flourishes look constant and fluid they looked better.
  12. Nico91

    Penspinning Freestyle Jam

    I wish I could pen spin. I never got into it. However, you're video kicked a--.
  13. Nico91

    WOW - Can't Believe it

    I agree with everyone in stating you should stay in school and further your education. I listened to my parents when I attended UNLV here in Vegas. They wanted me to have something to fall back on just in case what I really wanted to do fell apart on me. So, even if you get your Associate's...
  14. Nico91

    Saturday Night Contest - A Simple Display of Skill

    Congrats, Paul! Sabor-I believe it's Jeopardy by Paul Green. You can find it on the In the Trenches DVD.
  15. Nico91

    What are y'all up to lately?

    I perform at the bar here on their busiest nights. I also perform wherever I may go just for the practice. I'm trying to branch out to other places but no one has the money to pay..times are tough.
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