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    Magic Scholarship

    Irving Quant has been talking to me about doing a magic scholarship. He really wants to help younger magicians that are 18 yrs of age and younger who can't afford to buy the books to learn and wants to be able to provide them with an education in magic. Heres the deal: Irving is going to sell...
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    Good cards in Vegas?

    honestly, I don't know. I don't think so, but im not sure? They handle differently than massas and feel differently...and smell differently.
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    Good cards in Vegas?

    If you go to Caesars Palace, and every single year I forget which exact shop it is. but try to find the main shop thats selling shirts with the logo on it... almost like their impulse. They sell a deck of Caesars playing cards, they are not clipped and they handle nicely. They're not the same...
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    Lots of Questions

    Aladdin 1001s.. depends which one you want. The ones from '06(the good ones) I got from ebay but the dealer i got it from sold out of those [fullboatdealer]. But the air cushion finish and smooth finish ones are both on ebay
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    What to take in college

    That's kinda where figuring out what else you love comes into play. Really, almost any other job you get could allow you to do both, you need to figure out what else your interested in, so take some classes, look around. Your young, you have time.
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    What to take in college

    Also, adding on... What I did to find out what I liked while still in high school... i took as many different types of classes as I could my junior year, and this year (sr yr) I ended up finding out I want to be a cop through an internship I was forced to do for a required government class I...
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    What to take in college

    Im going to college next year, I plan to do magic professionally in the future. However, this year I found out I have other interests. so along with magic I'll be a police officer, Im gonna major in criminal justice. So If you have any other things you enjoy, wouldn't hurt to major in that as...
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    Your Facebook
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    Golden Nuggets - are these the rare ones or not? These are the ones that go for a ton. keep searching though...i have 3 of them..and one i bided on i got for $5. keep an eye out
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    How To Study?

    If you get strong magic, I suggest getting Designing Miracles as well. Both fantastic books that will help you out, if you apply them. Also, While your reading through, I would suggest if you don't know some of the tricks he uses in his examples to look them up so you know what hes talking about...
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    Tonight I Failed Magic

    Maybe I'm wrong here, but what I think Toby was trying to say is he realized those weren't the reactions he really wanted, and that he want's to make his magic more magical and realizing he needs to cut some things out of his repertoire. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how i originally took...
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    Tonight I Failed Magic

    There's that mr grumpy gills attitude again. I know the idea applies to handling of effects, the other part I just felt like adding on, because also I believe we should do effects that are more magical. It was just another add on to think about within the topic. I think you should read that...
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    Tonight I Failed Magic

    First of all, be mature. You sound very rude and pissed's a forum, discuss things in a professional manner. Even if you disagree. second, the sleights you use do have an impact on the effect of it. Your presentation as well makes it magical, and how you use their emotions all that...
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    Tonight I Failed Magic

    I honestly don't see how or why you would/should get flamed for this. I completely understand what you are talking about. It has been a while since I read it but I'm pretty sure some similar things were talked about in designing miracles. I could be thinking of the wrong book, but I'm pretty...
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    The Performance Is Worth More Than The Trick Itself

    win the crowd-steve cohen
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