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    Do I need Card College?

    Look, years ago I did the same as you. I bought RRTCM and flicked through it, took some pointers, then lost interest in magic for years. I came back to it through Oz Pearlmans video, then went and bought Expert at the Card Table, Card Control and Expert Card Technique. I’m 34 and an English...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Your Favorite!

    White Artisans for me. They were the first T11 deck I was given as a gift, and they hit the perfect balance between style and luxury features from the foiling and the metallic inks to the design itself. People love Monarchs, and I'm a fan too don't get me wrong, but for me it's the Artisans that...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Black Friday

    Good luck everyone! Here are my two entries in one post. (Please swipe!) However I have also added them below. Why? Because I did a lovely anamorphic crop for one of the images to mirror the aspect ratio used in old movies and...
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    Feeling dispondant

    My friend, were you working the fretboard like Hendrix after 6 months? I used to mountain bike. In the peak shape of my life I could take on any of my friends on the toughest hills and overtake them, beat them to the top without slowing down. I tried to beat one of them in a race in a swimming...
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    One move I refuse to do and never will

    Seriously, probably 100 years worth of professional, sold-out night after night card magicians will disagree with you. I mean this isn't even an argument for discussion. You're just wrong, my friend. Incidentally I don't use the top change, because I haven't perfected it yet. I believe it...
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    United Cardists deck sales

    I'm sure you'll be fine. Stockholm17 is a well-known and active member there so if you had any problems you could always pop him a message. They're a great community and they don't suffer scammers, so any issues you'll be able to sort things out I'm sure.
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    Adam Wilber left Ellusionist

    I'm starting to think that 'magic as a commodity' is not something that can really ever be 'huge'. We may have witnessed the peak of this with the internet pushing so much material and so many gaffs and sub-par tricks. I remember when I first got into magic around 15 years ago that whilst there...
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    USPCC sold to Cartamundi group

    I'm sure it won't change much - but if it fixes USPCC's awful registration problems they've been having this year then some good will come of it. Cartamundi seem less super-strict on the copyright debate. They happily printed that rubies cube inspired deck after the design was rejected by USPCC...
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    List of all basic magic plots

    Hi guys, sorry for posting as I KNOW I saw this here somewhere but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere here, on google or at the cafe. Someone posted a great link which had a comprehensive list of every basic magic plot. It was on a kind of magic wiki page, possibly Genii, but I'm at a...
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    Saturday Night Contest - St. Patrick's Day Lotto!

    Card 1. 3 of diamonds Card 2. 4 of clubs Card 1. Jack of spades Card 2. 7 of diamonds Good luck!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards!

    Card 1 - jack of diamonds Card 2 - king of clubs Card 1 - 10 of spades Card 2 - 6 of diamonds Good luck everyone!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Captured In Landscape

    Two days ago I post a beautiful picture of my favourite deck with the sun kissed Lake Como behind as the sun rose over the alps. Today you post this contest, and it's snowing and there's thick fog obscuring everything :(
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    Saturday Night Contest - Which Hand?

    Left Left Right Left Right Right Left Random. Good luck!
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    Ethics concerning audience beliefs...

    If I read tarot cards for someone, and take money for it, (I don’t do this, but I do use tarot) is that wrong? Am I lying about anything? Am I manipulating anyone? I use the tool for my own self analyses and discovery. I’m not claiming my otherworldly power or even pseudoscientific logic, just...
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    Ethics concerning audience beliefs...

    I have to say that in my experience in England, the majority of laymen fans of brown believe he is using psychic techniques, body language and real science to emulate psychics, which is a masterful success of his live act. Even on tv interviews he’s never referred to as a magician. He’s really...
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