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    Filming magic

    Aside from a tripod (as BlindDeception suggested), invest in some good quality lights. Proper lighting will make more of a difference than a HD camera. For tripods, I use a GorillaPod: I also highly recommend FiLMiC Pro...
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    Pen Thru

    The Pen Through Anything DVD has a lot of creative ideas on it.
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    Memorized Deck Magic

    If you want to master memorized deck work, then I highly recommend that read everything you can on the subject. If your budget can only afford one book, then I recommend that you start with Mnemonica. Mnemonica has a chapter about memorization techniques that I found very useful. It has over...
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    Mnemonica Help My Challenge to You all

    Hi ii3randonmagic, The photo in the book is a bit confusing, so I made up a numbered example. Basically, following my image, pick up the packets in order: First set of four packets: 1 goes onto 2 The combined 1+2 goes onto 3 The combined 1+2+3 goes onto 4 This combined packet forms...
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    Carbon Clip

    The clip is made by Joe Porper—it won't be damaged by the cards. Fifty-four cards in a regular box should fit snugly in the clip without any issues. If you have decks that are thicker (or one of the newer decks with cases that have heavy embossing), there might be minor damage to the case...
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    Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

    Clearly, it is 53 cards.
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    Industry with no copyright protection? Lessons from fashion's free culture.

    Some random thoughts after having watched Johanna's TED talk video. [begin vent] I've had people ignore my copyrights (back in the day, they photocopied my lecture notes) and steal my creations without improving them nor giving any credit. It hurts. A lot. A tremendously creative and...
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    Spin Doctor

    Thanks! I enjoy it.
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    Spin Doctor

    I like it. The routine is structured well. The moment when the Ace of Spades appears in the fan of three Aces is cool. And the ending is colorful and the cards are examinable.
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    How to deal with stalkers... or otherwise unpleasent folk.

    Since you didn't mention specifics (such as exactly what these people did), here are some non-specific recommendations: Communicate your non-interest in them clearly. Start with something like a simple, "No thanks." If they persist, then something like, "Please understand that I have no...
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    Close up mat material

    Go to a well supplied fabric store and pick out the material that you like best. I would recommend taking your cards, coins, etc. with you, so you can test them out on potential surfaces. Most fabric stores will also carry sheets of foam rubber that can provide a soft foundation/cushion under...
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