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  1. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: The Amazing Coffee Cups & Beans by Vulpine Creations

    The review you have been waiting for is finally here! Check out the amazing coffee cups & beans where I discuss in detail the “needs ta knows” about this awesome set!
  2. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Custom Leather Chop Cup & Dice // Ari Phillips & Grum Handcrafted

    Ari Phillips is a beast when it comes to his leather work. In today’s review I take a look at his custom Chop Cup & Dice sets! Links to purchase props in the video description.
  3. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Frankenstein Book Test & Casi-know by Black Cat Magic

    The boys at Black Cat Magic have done it again! Some more incredible mentalism by Barry Fazackerley Kaleb Wade including the Frankenstein Book Test, a poker chip routine amd teo insamely fair mind reading / prediction effects using ordinary objects!
  4. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Harribo by Lord Harri and Saturn Magic

    This is a fun one! Definitely something I am going to be including in my act! Got to see Lord Harri Harrington perform this live in Blackpool using my borrowed ring and it blew me away! Check it out for yourself! Link to buy in the video description!
  5. obrienmagic

    Whiskey glads themed magic

    Coming up with a 3 part routine using a whiskey glass. So far I have part 1 and part 3. Looking for a good middle bit to add to it and curious if you have any ideas. So far, phase 1 - I introduce the whiskey glass and produce 4 coins, do a coins across routine to the glass then end by...
  6. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Optical by Danny Goldsmith

    Danny Goldsmith has been one of my favorite performers for awhile now. Not only is his work incredible, he is a really kind person as well. Optical is his newest release and HOLY CRAP is it a good one! Find out what I think about it here! Link to his project in the youtube description! Enjoy!
  7. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Alphametic by AJ Stouse and Syndicate Magic

    Due to unforeseen circumstances the video has been removed and will no longer be available. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Alphametic by AJ Stouse and Syndicate Magic

    New magic review from a brand new magic company that so far has really impressed me! check out Syndicate Magic’s latest release, “Alphametic” by AJ Stouse.
  9. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: How Magicians Think by Joshua Jay

    Today we are taking a look at a book written by one of my favorite magicians and magic creators, Joshua Jay! The “How Magicians Think” book review is now live! Check it out and be sure to join in the discussion. What did you think about this book?
  10. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Refraktor by Kev G & Collin Claus

    Looking for a solid rubiks cube routine using a completely normal, ungimmicked cube? You may consider giving “Refraktor” a go! Kev Gregson & Collin Claus have teamed up to present a masterclass on impromptu cube magic that I think anyone interested will enjoy. Check out my full review for deets...
  11. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Copper Brass Silver - CBS by Paul Vigil

    Great question! The coins are pretty decent quality. I have definitely seen some terrible gaff CBS sets in my day and these were amongst the better quality ones. Not top their quality but considering that it is about $80 for the coin gaffs and a full routine to go along with it they are not...
  12. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Copper Brass Silver - CBS by Paul Vigil

    Looking to add some coin magic to your material that does not require years of your life to learn? CBS by Paul Vigil may be the one for you!
  13. obrienmagic

    “Wild Card” recommendations

    Pokemon Wild Card by Michael Bloemeke 🤪
  14. obrienmagic

    Ninja+ on Penn & Teller Fool Us!

    In case you have not seen it, I was fortunate enough to perform Matthew Garrett’s Ninja+ live for Penn & Teller on Fool Us! I had an absolute blast and wanted to thank Matthew personally for not only being my mentor and teaching this effect to me, but for being an incredible friend and...
  15. obrienmagic

    Fool Us on Friday Oct. 22nd

    All I am going to say is I suspect that episode will be a fun one.. you should check it out! ;)
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