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    Watermark by Mathieu Bich

    From the demo and this review I surmise we're talking about a card force and a chemcial on a piece of paper to serve as a contrived reveleation? This is worth 10 bucks? No wonder they had to get a mod to write a review for this one. It's both obvious and shouldn't fool anyone with a modicum of...
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    The Modern Day "Prestige"

    I'm sick of people ragging on DB's presentation. His whole manner when approaching people is absolutely awesome, and thought out on a level that really represents third or forth level thinking. CA employs stooges and camera tricks to create the impression of impossibility for a TV audience...
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    NEW 1-on-1 Release : The VCR Change with Apollo Robbins

    Yeah, this is nice. At risk of being called negative, or disrespectful, there's a clear flash in the teaser video which makes one, and this looks very similar to a D+M change, with the flash revealing a similar method. 0:51 That having been said, this is an outstanding...
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    Where Are We Advancing To?

    But self improving to what? How do you define what real improvement is? What are you improving too? Perpetual improvement isn't a goal in itself, it's a means of traveling, but where's the destination? Your thoughts on postmodernism in magic are good ones. The problem is, postmodernist...
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    Do you label yourself a magician?

    I label myself as a three legged turkey monster called clive, because I'm so powerful and unique that I'm above petty human labels.
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    The True Secrets In a Deck of Cards

    Yeah this forgets that Tarot cards started as game cards, for games. All the Kabbalistic mumbo jumbo came out of the OTO during the 19th Century Occult revival, and it is extremely unlikely that it was on the mind of the Italian that first put the deck together....
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    My 5 Speed Performance

    Your double lift, whilst clean is just so shady. No one in the history of card handling has ever turned over a single card that way and it draws huge attention. That should be a very casual. Other than that, this was nice and clean......except for the three threes which was once again very...
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    DanandDave :: Contests

    LMFAO. The bitterness. I thought his submission was head and shoulders above the others. MM is a good performer when he's performing magic rather than doing head stands and acting like a 10 year old. Congrats. The creator of an effect giving you props like that means you're evidently...
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    New 1-on-1 :: UNTITLED by Luke Dancy :: Now Available

    No disrespect to anyone, but is it just me that's noticed that the quality of one on ones has just kinda gone downhill recently? Sure there have been some gems, but compare some of the stuff coming out of Theory 11 now, to like 5 speed, or blind or the strike change etc etc etc. It's just not...
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    David Stone's - Window

    Yes, but that was a gimmick for the lazy. It's a simple gimmick to make and requires about 2 components, which every magician has to hand. The gimmick for window contains materials which are intrinsically more expensive and significantly more difficult to put together.
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    David Stone's - Window

    First, I don't know what your gimmick looks like, but the second you know what the gimmick is, its going to appear obvious to you. I'm fairly sure everyone on this forum knew when watching the demo what 'kind' of gimmick this was going to be. It's a well known gimmick, with some heavy...
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    WINDOW by David Stone - AWESOME

    This effect is absolute gold. Sure it may be figurable out by a magician, but laypeople go absolutely nuts. The only issue I have with it is working it into a walk around routine, lol. It's one of those effects that lends itself naturally to walking around the street in phone boxes etc. It's...
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    Kodak Change by Geraint Clarke

    As someone who hates the Polaroid change because of the angles involved this looks dope as hell, if the angles are what you say they are. Great job. As Aaron Fisher says, fixing problems is part of being a magician. You seem to have fixed one with a very good looking change.
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    Gimmick or No Gimmick?

    Who cares if a gimmick is used or not? The aim of magic is to fool and entertain the audience, and the easiest, strongest and most reliable way of doing that is -always- the best way of doing it. Sure you want to know sleights, but for most walk around magicians at paying gigs, they can...
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    The Internet: Silent Killer of Talent?

    Steer as usual has a point. I actually believe it to be worse than he is contending. YouTube, DA, etc don't just provide you with an easily won over fan base of drooling ten year olds that will applaud your 'art', they actively encourage that kind of meaningless 'criticism' through their very...
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