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    Me (2015)

    Oh. OK thanks! I'll have to go and figure that out.
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    Me (2015)

    Pretty good! I really like the music but maybe try different backgrounds for your flourishes. I think it will make your videos seem a lot more interesting. And what was that flourish at 0:18? I really want to learn that Hope that helps you! Ostranenie =)
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    Welcome to theory11, card artists!

    Hi all! I'm new to cardistry and this forum but it's already awesome! I know a few basic flourishes along with sybil... I'm excited to hang out with you guys! Ostranenie =)
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    New to Cardistry? You've Come to The Right Place!

    Hi Spencer! I'm fairly new to cardistry also. Maybe the basic thumb fan? A nice cut might be the charlier cut... Hope that helped you! Ostranenie =)
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