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Recent content by p3ck_gthrice

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    When you're not doing magic...

    Surfing the net. just like now.
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    Got a Name?

    Boxed. Simple but direct.
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    Impossible Card Magic r By Forces Unseen?

    i am a proud owner of By forces unseen and so far, most of the tricks i learned from that book gives me the edge in terms of uniqueness. although yes, it will take much of your time cause it needs much dedication to perform most of the tricks, but the results are priceless. grab the book and let...
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    Magic clinics in the Philippines

    i saw and ad last week.. its a 3 or 5 day magic clinic to be held at shangrila plaza ortigas.. you can ask the hotel for more infos..
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    Filipino Magicians

    Mabuhay!.. a pinoy brother here from Manila.. where you guys from?
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    there is a special thread for this one. only for those people who owns the trick.. try to do a search.
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    What music will you use in your magic?

    Dana hocking's music! perfect.............
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    Nothing in Transit!

    very nice indeed.. guess we just need to wait for the next batch. its a killer. :P
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    Nothing in Transit!

    nice!.. but it is already sold out.. any other site that still sells this effect?
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    Crucial card know-hows

    perfect Double lifts!
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    Contacts THREAD

    i think you cannot use thread with contacts.
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    {t11} release :: PRESSURE by Daniel Garcia + Dan White

    got the download. im excited!! :)
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    Biddle patter

    i try to test their poker face during the last phase.. but first i need to remember the chosen card in the beginning. then as the trick progresses to the last part where you only have 5 cards in your hands. i will ask them to either lie or tell the truth thus the poker face thing comes in.. i...
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    Help anyone?

    ok got it, thanks guys.. :)
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    Help anyone?

    hello T11 community.. just want to ask what is the name of this trick from daniel garcia..
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