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    1. Jv
      Do you think it would a good idea to post a link on your products that lead to reviews about your effects or have customers live performances of the effect, just an idea.
    2. papercraneproductions
      Did you send an email to customer service to have a download sent?
    3. Jv
      Very amazing
    4. Jv
      So any news on B. Smith's cleanest any card at any number and cleanest thought of card routines?
    5. Jv
      I see what you mean.
      Great point.
      I'll leave it up.
    6. papercraneproductions
      You can leave it up, it will die down i'm not concerned with controversy it happens. I do think it's important to stand by the comments that you make, it shows that you have principle and that you are not easily persuaded. I havent been following the thread so I dont know what has been going on.
    7. Jv

      A new problem is arising!
    8. papercraneproductions
      we kinda anticipated mixed reviews with this one
    9. Jv
      -As far as I see DownFall has mixed reviews
      -As I see many don't like the effect, because of the gimmick (I always known if you can achieve an effect and still do the impossibel no matter the gimmick or what's required that the gimmick is not what matters, but the magic that has taken place).
      -Also, check out the review at PenguinMagic, more mixed thoughts
      -I quite like the effect, because of something so simple can have a big impact later.
    10. Jv
    11. Jv
      -So far loving the effect.
      -This method is groundbreaking and very devious...I love it.
      -I will write my review Friday along with a performance story.
      -Also, do you have any other new demos I can sneek a peek at...that be awesome
      -But once again thanks and best wishes.
    12. Jv
      -It's me KingOfSpades07, but I changed my name to V.
      -Thanks for the compliment and I try my best to film a video performance
      -Also, how are the products and new effects coming along, I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us
      -I would love to see what new products you guys have, do I get to test them
      -Thanks for the Download and DVDs
      -Post your response on my account
      -P.S. Am I still a product tester for you guys?
      P.S.S. Do you still want me to send you that e-mail, because I would be glad to and I really appreciate everything, Thanks, Thank you very much
    13. papercraneproductions
      Dude thanks for reviews. It means a lot to all of us to see our customers going out and performing the effects we sell. If you have any video I would love to see it. BTW we have a couple of new products coming soon when the demos hit send me an email at and tell me what you think.
    14. Jv
    15. papercraneproductions
      Yeah ive been into them for years they are great live
    16. Chr!s
      Hey man, good call on referencing Fugazi! though i prefer embrace, fugazi are amazing!
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