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Recent content by Pieguy

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    Saturday Night Contest - Mother's Day Magic! This is a very authentic representation of how my family interacts. Whole lotta love there, people. Just... just focus on the effect... NOTE: Contains a naughty word from my brother who was filming.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

    How much of your magic is, in fact, dark sorcery?
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    Purchasing Gimmicks Separately

    Recently I discovered I've mislaid my gimmick for CRUSH. Is it possible to order the gimmick but not the DVD (which I still have)? EDIT: Found the gimmick, but still a valid question methinks.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl Prediction!

    I predict that a team will win and another will lose, and they'll each have a score. Safest bet in town! Or for serious, Steelers, because they have a cooler name, and they'll win 23-19! WE HAVE A 23-19!
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    looking for jerry's nugget

    You might try eBay, but they're by no means cheap and come with a risk of being counterfeit.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto

    Seeing that all the "normal" 52 have been taken, I'll say... ...the theory11 promo card!
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    FIVE New Releases - The Holiday Contest 2010!

    "I'm Calen Morelli, and this is That Trick What Makes My Shirt Change Into A Shirt What Is Not The First Shirt."
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    FIVE New Releases - The Holiday Contest 2010!

    Is the trip to Vegas airfares from anywhere in the world, or just within the US?
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    theory11 Bicycle Rider Back

    It wins for me, as down here we have neither Wal-Marts nor Bikes. T11 is the only place I can get rider backs at all. Up with T11, I say.
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    Bicycle 2-packs at Wal-Mart

    Damn, I wish we could get Bikes down here. All we have is a brand called Queen's Slipper, and I have not been able to find those in poker size.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Playing Card Commercial

    Here! This is it! Youtube took for EVER to upload the thing.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Playing Card Commercial

    Wait, wait, hang on! Mine's still uploading, gimme a minute!
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    Bicycle Vintage

    I can't fan worth a cent right now, but I just picked up faroing, and I'll tell you this: the best faro I have yet encountered is Bicycle 125s. They just snap together so easy.
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    Saturday Night Contest - {member+mashup} 2010

    Me, a deck of Tallies and the GREATEST SPRING EVER PERFORMED.
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    Saturday Morning Breakfast: Improving Your Routine It's so simple. I'd use it myself, but it's not really a valid method in my country. If you live in the USA, though, I recommend it!
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