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    Don't trust andrew mayne

    sadly wasn't feeling it it had a corny feel to it i was like damn. I have been a long time fan of him but it just didn't do it for me something about the whole format and stuff to. what do you think?
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    Idea of presentation for The Code

    yea that was a great performance where can i figure out how to learn stuff like that. never tried before but now that i have that code thats a nice touch and super baffling. Thanks
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    It has been over 24 hours since i got a free spin and it says i have already had my free spin for the day huh….
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    I agree man that trick is beautiful if only i can find it anywhere it does actually look like the wolverine formula i remember years ago when that came out and was available maybe i should have picked it up.
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    Thats a great observation Craig just he said think of a card with no patter that i saw influencing him towards anything. I dont think he had him choose one earlier and thats what he was "thinking" either which is the way id accomplish it as of now. Thats how it was many times when he asked for a...
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    An app for that effect hmm i don't think so because you could see jayden in the back of the picture when its shown and i agree Joey.
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    How could we not want to find the origins of these things we all work very hard to be the best we can be then something like this fantastic highly anticapted special comes on and he does stuff thats about as amazing as it gets and more amazing then stuff i have seen performed by pros in person...
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    I agree completely Toby noone wants a breakdown of every method we just want to better ourselves as magicians. Espescially after this special which in my opinion had some of the end all be all methods of effects i have learned many versions of. I also understand where Rick is coming from though...
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    that card in fruit was something to thats been done before but with a thought of card its almost to impossible.
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    Yea it does look like he did a version of regeneration but with a bill boy would i love to learn that. Thats crazy. And that cigarette through bill does that exist outside this special. What really got me though was the restored corner at the end of angle zero.
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    David Blaine Real or Magic Discussion.

    First off i'd like to say that was the best magic special i have seen on tv in sometime. Davids one of a kind and does some amazing stuff. Theres always stuff in his specials that fools me. He takes things we all know and love to the next level but without stooges or camera tricks. He really...
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    Another one of Justin Flom's Tricks

    I have flow and i can't seem to figure this out either if somebody can point me in the direction that would be much appreciated. Also he does a trick in his new Block Party video. Where he pours water into a coke bottle then it changes to coke i saw it long ago and forgot about it i never...
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    Late to EMC important questions.

    I know i missed out on most perks of registering early and missed the conference but i was wondering will i still be sent the dvds after if i register now. So aside from that i want to know if you learn any tricks to perform for people or is it just talking and learning things like that. did any...
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    New card trick help!

    thanks guys yea i do have royal road and expert at the card and table. this has helped any other places i can get som instant downloads i have gotten all the ones i need from DnD and theory 11 and almost everywhere thats why i posted this where can i get good no signing or tearing tricks...
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    Tricks For School

    I usually do most of my performing and trying out new tricks in school. and i recently went through my collection of magic dvds and books and tricks i just know in my head,and i realized that i have a very small amount of tricks that i do are instant and signing and tearing free that keep the...
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