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  • No worries Prae, I hope to catch you on tinychat again sometime, something tells me you'd add a lot to a conversation.
    Dude no hurries then! Get well soon! Add oil! XD
    Too bad you can't heal yourself with magic...irony, pure irony.
    Hey Prae,

    I made a thread about want book I should start with for Mentalism. Its under the Product section forum. I was wondering if you can give advice on that.
    spectator thinks of an object, then I tell them to change their mind, cross out their initial thought, write another object, change their mind AGAIN, cross that word out, lastly put an object that means something to them in a special way. In the end, they have 2 crossed out words, 1 uncrossed. I can tell them their exact (or almost exact) train of thought as they thought of the 3 objects. You know...the classic billet p**k with a very...should I say it?...wicked twist. I created the half-billet p**k myself. =)
    DUDE...same here, I guess school life is the same no matter where you are on Earth *sigh*.
    So a close-up mentalism routine? That's what I prefer too. Decisions sounds quite nice...could really affect your audience in a life-changing way. Would you mind telling me how the 3 card effects play out? Unless I know the premise/plot, it's hard for me to contribute my limited knowledge ;)
    What do you mean your final effect doesn't match the methodological requirements? I'm not sure I get you you mean the effect is suitable, but not the method?
    By the way, will you say that you can affect those Decisions, or what?
    Me...exams in 2 weeks exact. Fingers crossed I will start studying (DILIGENTLY) now. Less time for magic...but life goes on. I'm working more on my character as the mentalist, and most definitely my patter for a simple billet routine. Basically my favorite effect is a "thought process" type of billet routine;
    How's life Guang? =)
    Too long no talk. I see you're having a wonderful conversation with 'n him talk too. Sometime we've got to have some mentalism jamming time ;)
    I do actually, some good strong in there. Especially Nod-To-Pocke****ch, which is hands down one of my reputation makers.
    Lol investment banker and professional actor? I don't really see how you can accomplish both in your (near) future haha. Do you mean being in stage plays or movies in the future? If you could, that would be a good stepping stone, even if the play/movie does not turn out popular for the masses. But why the varied interests?
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