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  • yeah totally I don't have the balls to insult a nooblet faggot on a online forum. Lol everyone in the cardistry community thinks your a dick, so go back to kissing all the artists ass.
    Hey prae,

    how batman and ? the key is!

    where is gon magic international london?! i was lost to see get!

    Hope your well,
    Matty (ytaMt)
    batman and the ? is the key to what i mean and to read what i mean at this , time but u fab to this the show that will make me good bec you did not no what i am doing at all u thing i am new in magic put i have put my art in what i do best and it is work at this time. so when you do see me for the 1st it not me all it what i like you to see 1st is this an art or what bec no one no jr hart at all...............
    i no it hard for u to read some of the things but soon u will be happy bec i was on line you have not up set me at all .
    ok you all got up set with me i do not no y i have not don a thing bad . i just say some things that is on my mind but do stop being friends with me be i wight some thing that u do not get i no i am new at this but if i can not say the things that i love about magic . y do all got to be sad bec we do magic when all can be happy for doing the things we no. do thing i the right thing being on line with u lot or is u just do not like me bec u have not seen me do the magic i love . if go the magic world will lost some things soon i will gave things that i have in mind a way to the magic world.
    i no the last one that i just put up some friends in might not like . But it dost up set me when some comes to me have u got some thing new but it got to be with gaff so i can do it in ten mins time. if we are good we do not need to use a gaff to do the magic that we all love to do!
    -Thanks for the info and help.
    -I will look into this one, sounds great.
    -I would love to know more about Safwan Papers which also features a variation, I belive, of Kolossal Killer.
    -It sounds great and the stuff I'm into.
    -Also, since it features the variation of KK, is it worth looking into Dee's Anate as well?
    Just reading thru Safwan Papers. Bryn's thinking is GREAT. I'm only about half way thru, but I'm loving it.

    Great recommendation!

    You might want to check out Paul Brook's book The Alchemical Tools, I grabbed a copy off him on Saturday at Tabula Mentis V and I haven't put it down!!

    Hey man was wondering if you had a sec to give you're criticism of my promo video: I'm definitely taking the cigarette out and adding more audience audio. The hard part is the audio i have is all reactions involving curses. Of course as I get more footage it will change.
    haha, that product selection thread is awesome. I was laughing so hard when I read it.
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