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  • Hey, just checkin' wid de Dizzle in yo shizzle - you don't mind if I introduce you into the threads do you? IT's pretty fun to come up with those things - but i'll stop if you want!


    hey! nice to see you around the forums again, I missed your posts.....jajaja have a nice day =)
    hey, I just read one of your posts that says you know Shigeo Futagawa's SW Elevator. Do you think you could tellme where to find it?

    I know they're in his lecture notes, but which ones? And where could I purchase them?

    Hey P, have you recently, or ever (for that matter) read Orwell's nineteen-eightyfour?

    I seem to recall us discussing literature - but I don't remember what :p!
    Thanks for the advice, can you give me some goals to work on for coin magic (Im better at card magic) and want to improve my coin magic, so please, goals? and i speak a little french, im taking a frnech clss, thanks!
    My french sucks ass, but does your sig say 'I like the wonder that it brings'?
    If it does, I like.
    And I'm joking, my french rocks.
    You've really started to post a lot lately, either that or I've started noticing. But every post you do is to help someone out. You're like the Erik of Theory11. So thanks for all your help, I'm sure everyone is thanksful for your support. :D
    Well, my final exams are coming up soon - but i've still got time. In a couple of weeks (2 or 3) it'll start snowing up here! YES! THat means endless sledding and snowboarding fun.

    Anyways, Nothing much's happening here right now, except that im going to put together a short flourishing movie. Which is oging to be awesome :p.
    hey, hah I love the avatar. (dont mind if i use it myself in other forums, do you?)

    mad props
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